Customers Sue Chipotle For Being Duped By A '300 Calorie' Burrito

by Megan Zander

Customers believe a giant burrito filled with chorizo is 300 calories, sue

There’s a class action lawsuit being filed against everyone’s favorite fast food burrito spot, Chipotle. But instead of a cause we can actually get behind, like demanding a side of free guacamole with each order, three men are suing because they thought the new chorizo burrito was only 300 calories. When one of them ate the whole thing, he said he felt “excessively full,” and now he’s seeking damages.

Everyone knows burritos are calorie bombs. Everyone, apparently except for these three guys. Three hundred calories isn’t much food. It’s a bowl of cereal and milk with a banana on the side. And Chipotle isn’t known for being health food. You’re probably taking in calories just from breathing the air while waiting in line to order your burrito there. Yet these men claim that the in-store sign advertising the new chorizo sausage filling as 300 calories led them to believe the entire burrito was 300 calories. What else do they believe, that Game Of Thrones is actually a documentary?

According to Chipotle’s online nutrition calculator, after you add in the rest of the meal’s contents like the tortilla, rice, black beans, salsa, and cheese (which is what the sign shows as being the whole meal) the total comes in at around 1,050 calories. Judging from how our pants feel after a lunch there, that sounds about right. After all, it’s Chipotle, not a vegan farm to table cafe.

According to the complaint reviewed by My News L.A., one of the men bought a chorizo burrito because the sign lead him to think it had a low calorie count. But once he finished his meal he, “felt excessively full and realized that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories.” Obviously, if Chipotle is being underhanded in the way it discloses its nutritional information to customers, then that’s something they need to correct — but what ever happened to common sense?

When someone hands you a wrapped burrito that is both the size and heft of a newborn, you know damn well it’s more than 300 calories. And even if you really, truly thought that Chipotle somehow managed to do some crazy food science to make the calorie count insanely low, the plaintiffs had other options. Maybe stop when you’re full and save the other half for later instead of suing?

Although the chorizo filling has only been around since October, the lawsuit seeks damages for, “all people who bought food at Chipotle for four years leading up to the filing of the complaint,” because the plaintiffs claim the sausage signs are part of a pattern of misleading nutritional information on Chipotle’s part.