Temporary Tattoos Of Your BFFs Face, Because You're Extra Like That

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Etsy/lilimandrill

These BFF temporary tattoos are something we need immediately

Surely you all remember having “best friends” necklaces with your closest crew growing up. But we’re adults now (dammit) and while most of us no longer don the “be-fri” or “st-ends” pendant that connects with the half our BFF is wearing, we now have other way cooler ways to display our best friend devotion.

Like tattoos of our beloved pal’s face.

Relax, they’re temporary, but considering some people get Tweety Bird on their ass during spring break of junior year (*cough* definitely not me *cough cough*) it doesn’t seem so crazy to permanently etch the face of the one you turn to when times are good or bad. So maybe these adorable temporary versions of BFF ink can serve as a nice trial run for the real thing. Because check this out.

Image via Etsy/Lilimandrill

Can you stand it? So lifelike. And the beauty of it is that because it’s temporary, you could update your BFF tattoo with time. Each $80 set from Etsy seller Lilimandrill comes with 25 tats, so it seems smart to bust them out for those special times with your best friend. Every year you could order new ones as you age. Or not. Personally, I’d prefer my friends tattoo the me of like, 2006 on their person rather than the aging one who lives at the baseball practice complex, eats too many cookies, and never sleeps. LOL I’m fine.

All you have to do is send your fave photo of your other half and the artist creates a sketch from it that then becomes a tattoo. Easy peasy.

And why stop with your BFF? You could force your husband to wear the two of you on his hulking bicep whenever you feel the need. Couples tats without that pesky life-long commitment, you guys.

They’d make adorable wedding or bachelorette party favors, not gonna lie.

Come on. Too cute.

Aside from custom tats, she also makes nifty stamps. Pretty unique way to customize your Christmas card envelopes, yes? Yes.

And if your family is of the four-legged variety, she’s got you covered there too.

But the idea of our BFF’s face smiling (or frowning? helping you make better choices? maybe?) up at us is most appealing of all.

Image via Etsy/Lilimandrill

We’ll take 1,000 please.

Image via Etsy/Lilimandrill

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