You Can Get Customized Car Air Fresheners With Your BFF's Face On Them

by Thea Glassman
Image via Firebox

Yes, car fresheners with customizable faces exist. And yes, that’s just as cool as it sounds

If BFF tattoos aren’t quite your speed, have you ever considered putting your best friend/partner/parent’s face on your car air freshener? Probably not. Will you now be super, super intrigued by the idea now that you know it’s a possibility? Probably yes. Car fresheners featuring your loved ones exist, everybody, and this is a really weird detour we should all definitely take.

Here’s the deal. Firebox has created a line called Fresh Face, which allows you to customize your very own car freshener with the picture of your choosing. That means that your anger levels will probably decrease exponentially when the person behind you WON’T STOP HONKING, because you get to stare right into the face of a loved one and also, smell something fresh. It’s probably inappropriate to go full road rage when your child is beaming down at you.

They look super, super easy to hang.

Image via Firebox

Annnnd they come in sets of three, so you don’t have to play favorites. Also, unflattering pictures are 100% mandatory.

Bonus points for the fact that the fresheners come in a variety of different scents, including: coffee (yes please), island breeze (ahhhh), and bacon (um hard pass I think?) The packs clock in at $20.09 and you just want to make sure that you send in a picture that’s high quality and zoomed in. Don’t worry, your loved ones will be flattered and only, like, marginally weirded out.

If you’re super into the idea of plastering someone’s face onto your belongings, but not really into the car freshener idea, don’t worry. There are other options.

Like, Firebox has created customizable face suitcases and customizable face cushions. If you feel like putting your own face on any of this apparel then, damnit, you should. YOLO and self-love forever.

Looking for something edible? Well then, yes, you definitely can buy an enormous lollypop with someone’s face on it. Fair warning: a small conversation might need to be had with a loved one if you do decide to turn their face into candy and eat it.

Now go slap the face of your favorite people onto some fairly random apparel. They might not ever thank you, but it’ll still be a really fun, weird ride.