The Only Way You’ll Ever Cut Grapes In Half Again

Hello, most genius husband in the universe.

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Jaclyn Murphy 4 months ago

Yup he is a genius. Keep that man!

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Nicole Taylor 8 months ago

Indeed. At least they practice the skill of sharing.

Melanie Patton 8 months ago

Well, oh muh goodness! So easy! How could we have missed it?!

Kathleen Christensen 8 months ago

Couldn’t get the instructions to open so how? I use a knife

Laura Felix 8 months ago

Nope 18 years but it was a joke;)

Seetah Ferrera Weiler 8 months ago

Wow this is amazing!! I definitely will try it!

Kenna Pope 8 months ago

Zip Slicer by Progressive! Google it! :)

Jasmine Cruz 8 months ago

That’s adorable! =)

Krystle Marie Tomasino 8 months ago

Lol good to.know!

Laura Felix 8 months ago

I will alway cut my child’s grapes , tom, and hot dogs until he is 18. It does help to prevent chocking to death it allows air to push the lodged food out of the wind pipe! With out it being cut it’s like a plug.

Alanna Gillon 8 months ago

Fanny my halving grapes obsession just got a lot easier!!!!

Deirdre Roddy 8 months ago

Dude!!! Amazeballs!

Kiersty Sinclair-Davies 8 months ago

That is life changing

Ginny Beanie Fowler 8 months ago

I never cut grapes or hot dogs and never had a choking issue either

Catherine McCaughey 8 months ago

Is the answer … don’t ?

Jennifer Koeneker 8 months ago


Cristi Cuadrado 8 months ago

That’s awesome! Totally gonna try that!

Nicole Taylor 8 months ago

I don’t think I ever considered cutting them. I used to bite them in half and give smallest portion to my daughter when we ate them. She’s 5 now and tries to do this to me by handing me soggy squished grape halves lol.

Christi Monson 8 months ago

I know it’s crazy, but I just put the damn things in those net bags until my daughter was able to biter them herself, and I gave her the whole grapes. I remember eating whole grapes my entire life as a kid and never choked.

Ricki Weinman Dworkin 8 months ago

Agreed with other posters. Doesn’t necessarily work with grapes or grape tomatoes. Even with a sharp knife.

Synthony Tregoning 8 months ago


Shari Courtney 8 months ago

This works!!

Christy Niles 8 months ago

I have done this with grape tomatoes for years

Kelly Caflisch-Arnoldussen 8 months ago

Umm yeah, did not work so hot for me. Just made a mess. :(

Sarah Hogan 8 months ago

Seriously…. :-

Candace Wells 8 months ago

Gasp. Mind=Blown

Rennie Clausen-Soir 8 months ago

So simple yet so genius.

Elizabeth Topper Golub 8 months ago

OMG genius!

Melissa Zimmerman 8 months ago

This is great!! Never knew this

Jennifer Cintron 8 months ago

I missed this the first time around…brilliant!!

Jaime Sullens 8 months ago

I agree my kids just get them thrown on one side of the plate but I remember watching this lol

Nikki Allen Jackson 8 months ago

It rarely works

Andrea Peña 8 months ago

My son choked once with a grape and it was the scariest moment in my life. Since then, I always cut grapes

Monica Coralluzzo Roman 8 months ago

I’ve done this with black olives too when chopping them for taco toppings.. much easier for me to chop when they’re already in half

Rachel Cole 8 months ago

I have tried this several times and always fail miserably.

Crystal Davis-Conerly 8 months ago

Cherry tomatoes. I’m allergic and the juice always makes my hands itchy.

Jennifer Cagle 8 months ago

Ppl cut grapes? I have an almost 3yo who I’ve never cut grapes for, as goes for my 10yo.

Mary E. Farrand 8 months ago

Put them in the microwave cut in half and watch the fireworks!

Jennifer Callahan Phinney 8 months ago

Friggin genius.

Brittani Medina 8 months ago

I skin them and cut them in 4

Magdalene Zapp 8 months ago

❤ it when men get in the kitchen.

Nicola Parmar 8 months ago

Hahaha does this actually work..

Saahi Katari 8 months ago

This technique was shared to save children (and parents) from mess, discomfort and choking. The grape is still in the same length, and DOES NOT terminate the chances for choking.

Raylene Hansen 8 months ago

It’s all about the cherry tomatoes for me! Much easier to eat them cut in half than trying to spear one with your fork, and smacking the person across the table in the head with it.

Lucy Batista 8 months ago

Holy shit that’s genius.

Barbara Peek 8 months ago


Nancy Burtchell 8 months ago

You cut them for babies and toddlers…kidless people!

Karen Irene 8 months ago

Decisions decisions

Lisa Lambden 8 months ago

Wow!!! :). X

Rebecca Daniels 8 months ago

Omg Nwanne that would save me so much time lol

Melissa Moore Wilson 8 months ago

And cherry tomatoes too!

Inga Collins 8 months ago

This guy for president!

Felicia P McNiff 8 months ago


Samantha Smlth 8 months ago

OMG! Why am I just now learning of this LOL…THANK YOU

Jennifer Kennedy-Ozley 8 months ago

How did I not think of this? Genius?

Britni Henry 8 months ago

I’ve always peeled my grapes …. for ALL 3 of my kiddos. Crazy, I know! This year we a little boy at a local elementary school choked on a grape during lunch and died 3 days later because of it. No matter how you cut your grapes, just cut them please! They’ve always scared the crap out of me.

Angela Heid 8 months ago

Wow. Impressive. But I prefer my grapes in liquid form.

Monica Jo Ptacek 8 months ago

If it requires tedious work to cut it so they don’t choke, then they don’t get it until they’re old enough not to choke. Just can’t handle it!

Rebecca Ricci Simon 8 months ago

It changed my grape (and olive and cherry tomato) cutting forever!!!

Lissette Trewern 8 months ago

Who knew?

Shane Jackson 8 months ago

I just made a mess….and had 2 plates to wash

Desiree Marie Roberts 8 months ago

When you have toddlers and grapes are the perfect size to get stuck in a wind pipe you tend to care a lot about cutting lots of them in half at once lol

Caroline Rooney 8 months ago

You cut them in half to stop little ones from choking. Whole ones can get stuck.

Tracy Pierceall 8 months ago

I love life hacks. Very clever!!

Elle Wright 8 months ago

The video won’t play on my phone, what does he do?!

Kay Marie 8 months ago

Why cut grapes in half.

Courtney S Scarnici 8 months ago

Works on cherry or grape tomatoes too. I’m a chef and it’s what they do at work.

Angie Cuestas Gottlieb 8 months ago

Gotta try this!

Becky Zen 8 months ago

I couldn’t get it to work

Lana S. Johnson 8 months ago

It’s quick but it deprives me of my grape intake too! Bittersweet

Jenny Kruschke 8 months ago


Mommy’s off her meds, again 8 months ago

How am I supposed to steal half of my toddlers grapes if I cant bite them in half before I hand them to her? Next there will be a hack on cutting up teddy grahams. My day isn’t complete until I decapitate those suckers with my teeth 😉

Heather DeWitt Faley 8 months ago

No way?!

Rebecca Marsh 8 months ago

Yes, but now I have to wash 2 plates.

Nickole Trayhurn Darling 8 months ago

I thought about this while I was making fruit salad this morning…. Actually, all I thought was, ‘Why?’

Savannah Jane Austin 8 months ago

I’ve known this trick for years. Works good on cherry tomatoes too.

Jennifer Tielking 8 months ago

Iv seen this one, but when I click on the link the video isnt there for me?

April Trotter 8 months ago

I couldn’t do it either!

Beth Rose 8 months ago

I tried this, but failed. I think I needed a sharper knife.

JD 1 year ago

Awesome! That was just genius! My mouth just fell open! It was definitely a well worth aha!-moment!
Thanks for sharing!

M 1 year ago

Why on Earth would you cut grapes? 😀

Adel 1 year ago

I’ve always cut grapes since my son choked on one when he was 2 luckily I got it out but terryfin

ana 1 year ago

Feeding lil kids hotdogs?

katimeana 1 year ago

My phone won’t let me see the video :(

Shana 1 year ago

seriously!!! i have been doing this the wrong way my whole life lol

Beth 1 year ago

You know the only way I’ll ever cut grapes again? (Even if I use this method.) After cutting garlic with the knife. That little bit of garlic flavor on the grapes is amazing. It’s sort of like a little salt on watermelon, or baking bacon with a little brown sugar on it. A sweet/savory thing.

Stephanie 1 year ago

One of my students (in culinary school) was bragging about this method of cutting cherry tomatoes in class one day. He didn’t believe me when I told him it’s no faster than cutting one tomato at a time so I challenged him to a race. I cut 14 tomatoes in the same time it took him to cut 11. (And I went easy on him since a student versus experienced chef isn’t exactly a fair race.)

margaret 1 year ago

So easy why didnt a woman show it first

Brian B. 1 year ago

Tap the picture and it will play.

Brian B. 1 year ago

Awesome idea

Janet Arnold 1 year ago

To make egg salad I use the coarse side of grater.

Lika Sanders 1 year ago

Omg lmao I literally just spent like forevah cutting 20 grapes in half. This is priceless.

Corey Hutton 1 year ago

Genius, for doing something thousands before him did, with countless kinds of food.

Suzanne Straniero 1 year ago

All that wasted time…!

Lori Moore 1 year ago

After all these years.

Lola 1 year ago

Rachel Ray did that on her show a few seasons ago.

Phil Buckle 1 year ago

If only his wife were smart enough to turn the camera on the horizon when shooting video, they’d be an evenly matched couple.

Amanda 1 year ago

Rachel Ray does the same thing with 2 storage container lids. So smart!

Kelly Merrick 1 year ago

Nothing short of brilliant!

Shelley 1 year ago

I have absolutely been wasting time cutting one at a time. Thanks for the tip!!

Diane Desrosiers 1 year ago


Kim 1 year ago

I so need to try this. I have to cut grapes for my daughter for lunches and it takes such a long time.

Neil 1 year ago

Grapes have feelings to you know. Poor little grapes, that’s brutal, sliced in half right in the prime of life, what is next smash the little fellows up and make them into wine?

NAB :-)

Melissa 1 year ago

This is awesome. I bought some organic grapes yesterday and was thinking about cutting them in half, but decided I didn’t want to take the time to do it one by one. And then I came across this today.

Joyce McEnaney 1 year ago

Thank you!!!

theresa 1 year ago

Ive been doing this for years as a chef we just dont use plates, it is an amazing time saver.

Kathleen Wahl 1 year ago

Genius. I will surely be serving more Waldorf salad…probably every night.

Bianca 1 year ago

am i missing something? all i see is the words “Hello, most genius husband in the universe.” and no explanation, no video, no pictures, nothing…..

Jo 1 year ago

Why cut a grape in half????

Paleo Recipes For Health 1 year ago

Real genius!

Scott Arra 1 year ago

all that time, spent cutting each individual grape…what will I do with all that time now, though?

Wendy 1 year ago

Wow! Can’t believe the time I’ve been wasting

Gerri Thompson 1 year ago

and I can already see myself doing this with pitted olives too!!! This is great…someone marry that man!!

Barbara 1 year ago

RachelRay had been doing and showing this for long time

June 1 year ago

Oh my gosh! Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this in my life? I’ve got grapes in the fridge now to make a (summertime) chicken salad and instead of dreading the time to cut the grapes, I’m kind of excited to have learned this! Thank you!

Dawn 1 year ago

Awesome! I wish I had known this when my kids were small! I will definitely put this to use now that I am a new grandma! Thank you for posting

kathy 1 year ago

saw the posts but not the info about this ?? where is it???

Babette 1 year ago

Do you know how much time this would have saved me, years ago?? At least now I know for when I have grand kids!

Heather 1 year ago

Still no quick way of picking each one off the stalk though! 😀

Mary Feiner 1 year ago

I thought it was hilarious!

Michele 1 year ago

Shear genius

Janet Taetz 1 year ago

Nobody likes a smart ass!!! lol Thanks for the great tip!!

Georgeann Orton 1 year ago

This will b great for making my chicken salad recipe. :-)

Penelope Kelley 1 year ago

Does this work?

Sylvie Fortin 1 year ago

Love it

Becca Rosen Reves 1 year ago

I’ve been cutting tiny tomatoes like this for years! !

Keegan Reynolds 1 year ago

1992 was the first time I saw that trick ….,

Gayle Vieira 1 year ago

Omg!! How did I never think of that

terry 1 year ago

I feel like I should have known this! Pure genius!

Krystal 1 year ago

I feel stupid after watching this! Haha! Soooooo much time wasted doing it wrong all of these years……

Jose’ Posadas 1 year ago

Awesome lol!

Phyllis Graham 1 year ago

I think some people would argue over the oxygen we breathe. Who argues over someone’s comment on cutting grapes. Silly!

Ing 1 year ago

Annette: by applying sufficient PRESSURE AND MANLINESS. Watch video again: enlist MANLY MAN for aid.

Annette 1 year ago

How do you keep them from sliding all over the plate or the knife from slipping on them?

Margie Beadle Nisley 1 year ago

Holy cow

Ing 1 year ago

Mental note: keep sharp implements and the Internet away from vpvhpya

Ing 1 year ago

Hilarious. Dude mentions cutting cherry tomatoes this way too in the video and every 3rd comment is like “oh and I realized you can do this with cherry tomatoes too squee SQUEE!”

Mike Annecharico 1 year ago

effin brilliant

Paula Keller 1 year ago


Marilynn Hadix 1 year ago

I’ve doing this for years, also cherry tomatoes and olives. To chop a bunch of hard boiled eggs for potato or other salads, take one of those old fashioned French fry baskets with the square holes and push the eggs through the holes into a bowl. I always use short cuts like these. Anyone looking to hire an efficiency expert?

Betty Lou Raby Rothwell 1 year ago

Great idea!!!

Dawn 1 year ago

Wow wish I saw this a few days ago took me 30 minutes the other day cutting them one at a time.

Diane Dutton 1 year ago

Genius. I will try this with cherry and grape tomatoes also.

Natalie Leshner 1 year ago


Jean Lynd 1 year ago


Mary Flanagan 1 year ago

Genius! love this. How did I live this long and not know this ?

Karen Mareiro Tasker 1 year ago

Ha! This trick would have saved me some time!!

Sylvia Walsh 1 year ago

That is genius!

Jack Raby 1 year ago

Great idea.

Suzie Rousseau 1 year ago

That is wonderful

Susan Seely 1 year ago

I am a child care provider!!! This IS genius!! Thank you.

Anna Smith Stallings 1 year ago

Good lord, all the time I’ve wasted doing them one at a time!

Andrea B (@goodgirlgonered) 1 year ago

I don’t think I could do it because of the weird noise of the knife against the plates … 😉

Sandra Elizabeth 1 year ago

it was shown on tv MONTHS ago!

Connie Bollinger 1 year ago

What a great idea. Thank you

Fred Miller 1 year ago

That was really neat !

CDUNE 1 year ago

Me too!

Jenn Smiley Coker 1 year ago

I don’t have kids, but this makes my sangria easier.

Carl Robbins 1 year ago

Great Tip

mg 1 year ago

This doesn’t work for seeded grapes and that is what we all should be consuming.

Laura Byes Walker 1 year ago


Nancy Mundell 1 year ago

Cool. Great job!

Brian Rogers 1 year ago

This is how it’s been done in every culinary establishment since the beginning if time….

Christine Novatkoski Transue 1 year ago

Genius! Have to try with cherry tomatoes!

Virgina Clarkson 1 year ago

Bad language!

Virgina Clarkson 1 year ago

This AWFUL language, Take this off!

Janis Stuart 1 year ago


Duff Brian 1 year ago

Who cuts them in half? I just eat them hole I never said I can’t eat a hole grape.

Elaine Cipriano 1 year ago

Great idea….Rachel Ray does that with grape tomatoes.

Vanessa Donzel 1 year ago

Game changer!!

Kirk Cheri Schooley 1 year ago

Now all the women know his secret. Drat!

Charlotte Gerstmayr 1 year ago

Works great for cherry tomatoes too

Tara Slimm 1 year ago

Cutting makes them easier to bite into as I have seen a toddler try to bite a whole grape which then popped into his throat. I can’t load the video but I assume it’s the same way restaurants cut cherry tomatoes between two flat whatevers.

Nikki DOucette 1 year ago

Please remove conversation #6 as it is strongly offensive

Mary Cowan 1 year ago

works for grape tomatoes too

Jane Cook 1 year ago

This is why I love the internet.

Linda Kay 1 year ago

Wow !!

Robin 1 year ago

How disappointed I was to open up a page and see what a bunch of idiot “adults” have written on someone’s blog. I guess this will be the last time I use this page. Sad, really sad.

Diane Hayashi 1 year ago

you can do the same thing with cherry tomatoes…nice

Kari Moore 1 year ago

Learned this from Rachel ray lol its pretty handy!

Ashley Hazell 1 year ago

What is it. All I see is the comments when I click on it

Sophie Smith 1 year ago

Crazy!! I don’t like using big knives for little things though… it is informative!

Penny Ross Brijalba 1 year ago

So simple and ingenious. You should patent the idea, and create a “grape cutter” kitchen gadget. Millions to be made!!!

Stacy Burke 1 year ago

That’s pretty cool.

Lynn Engelmann Knee 1 year ago

The only think I use cut grapes for is when I make Sangria. This is wonderful.

Nicole Saunders 1 year ago

Seriously genius!!!

Jan Couch 1 year ago

I always used scissors

J 1 year ago

You mean I could have patented this 20 years ago? I just figured everybody cut small items this way!

Donna Moore Thornton Hughes 1 year ago

How cool is that!

Caroline Griffin 1 year ago

I’ve seen the same thing done on the Rachael Ray show with two deli lids and cherry or grape tomatoes trapped between. It’s an idea I wish I had known when my twin boys were at the age where grapes needed splitting for safety reasons!

TJ Joe Edwards 1 year ago

You are going to be a general some day Gump lol

Robert E Sherby 1 year ago

4 days late after I cut several bowls of grapes one at a time on Sunday.

The Shared-Meal Revolution 1 year ago

Useful tip!

Betty Duncan 1 year ago

What a great idea.

DJ 1 year ago

Cut tomatoes using this method. Cut chunks of string cheese and cucumber. Toss with Italian dressing. It’s a great side dish.

Matt Dyck 1 year ago

Doesn’t work so well with some plates! Works with grape tomatoes as well.

Beth Kingma Terpstra 1 year ago

Can’t wait to try this!

Veralyn White 1 year ago

Saw this on Rachel Ray several years ago.

Katie McWilliams 1 year ago

It won’t let me watch the video. What’s the secret?

Rose Houde Losh 1 year ago

I saw this before except for grape tomatoes. Great idea and so simple!

Dede Sitko 1 year ago

You learn something new everyday

Lisa Morris 1 year ago


David Kieserman 1 year ago

Good idea.

C 1 year ago


Vanessa Ortiz 1 year ago

my jaw dropped like i was watching brain surgery! how have i never known this before????

Erin Murchan 1 year ago

Wow – how much time have I spent cutting grapes!?

lindsey 1 year ago

shocked and saddened that I’ve not known this simple tip lol

Cyndi Bucko 1 year ago

Wow! Who would have thought!

Vicki Spatz 1 year ago

You’re supposed to cut hot dogs length wise then into smaller halves, so babies don’t choke!!

Roberta A. Bazaldua 1 year ago

This is brilliant!!

Carol Roberts 1 year ago

WOW and OMG!!! WHY didn’t I think of that???!!!! JEEN YUS!

Julie S. 1 year ago

What a great idea!

Katie Yearous 1 year ago

Holy moly!! That is awesome!

David J. Gasiorowski Jr. 1 year ago

I do this for a living and this is one of those things that just amazes me, How did I not know this!!!???!!!

Vickie Canulli Bianco 1 year ago

omg, that is awesome!! He is a genius! lol

Carol Neely 1 year ago

This is GREAT! how genius

David Roper 1 year ago

But why bring your Mother’s name into it?

Denise Renfro Tyler 1 year ago

Genius! This Nana thanks you!

jas 1 year ago

This is how it is done in delis when making bulk salads and grapes/cherry tomatoes need to be sliced in half.

Wrenda Crain 1 year ago

Absolutely the best. The prettiest grapes are the purple frosted ones. They are not organic but soak in Fit fruit & vegatlble. wash. If cannot afford organic just wash all soak in this. They say if can only buy one organic make it grapes & now I can cut grapes fast. Thanks.

Vanzant Karen 1 year ago

Cool dad!

Internet Jerk 1 year ago

He can’t be THAT much of a genius. He has the phone recording vertically instead of horizontally like a civilized person.

Joan Jordan 1 year ago

Very cool!!

Melissa Morrissey Cortale 1 year ago

We cut grapes to reduce the choking hazard. A grape cut in half is still the same diameter if it gets sucked into the windpipe (although, now you only have a 50/50 chance of a complete obstruction…that’s still a huge improvement). I cut them in quarters to eliminate the choking hazard. This trick is great for salads and for kids above the average choking ages. 1 year ago

This is amazing!

Dominick Amadeo 1 year ago

Who cuts grapes? What a waste of time. You just eat them people. Life is too short for cutting grapes.

Samantha ‘Sam’ Gabhart 1 year ago

This is actually pretty brilliant. I will have to do this from now on.

Sheila Cooper 1 year ago

So darn smart, gonna use that trick this wkend. My Grandbaby loves grapes .

Jeanne Taylor 1 year ago

OMG I have horror stories from my hospitality team about making the Waldorf salad for 200 and cutting grapes in half one by one!

Margaret Klabik 1 year ago

Oh my goodness! this is fabulous!

Vicki Lynn Coleianne Carter 1 year ago

I Love this! I feel so stupid.

Sandy McDowell 1 year ago

Thats cool

Dawn Wolfson 1 year ago

This guy just won parenting lol

Michelle Arnold 1 year ago


Jaimi Carter Krielaart 1 year ago

Way hey!!!!!!

Jeannie Gomez 1 year ago

Genius :-)

Jean Quaile Harker 1 year ago

OMG. I have been cutting grapes for 48 years and never knew this. Thanks

Susan Manuel 1 year ago

GET O U T!!!!! I LOVE this!

Anne 1 year ago

This man needs to run for president!

Tammie Rachelle Suckstorf 1 year ago

I dig simple!

catpoop 1 year ago

…what’s the point of cutting grapes in half? why not just eat them whole?

and REALLY? genius? i think you’re using this term very loosely here.

Rachael Rein 1 year ago

What the? OMG!!! I NEVER would have thought of that… I cut grapes up all the time to mix with sugar free vanilla pudding. Genius!

Jan Couch 1 year ago

I used scissors, back in the dark ages.

Linda Cook Willis 1 year ago

Great tip!

Lynne Brewer Brown 1 year ago

Cherry tomatoes also

Joanne Hathaway Roe 1 year ago

Now that’s a good way to do it.

Roberta Roan 1 year ago

Works for cherry tomatoes too.

Karen Buck 1 year ago

Cool! Grapes and hotdogs are the main choker for kids.

Brenda Lee 1 year ago

Awesome I love it I was just gonna make chicken cashew grape salad, this will come in handy!!!

Megan Hiatt 1 year ago

Omg ! Thank you ! Awesomeness!

Kate 1 year ago

If you’re feeding Lil kids at daycare, you have to slice hotdogs up. It’s a PITA too.

Donna Glynn Janczewski 1 year ago


Al 1 year ago

This isn’t the brainchild of this “genius husband”. It’s an idea for cutting cherry tomatoes that’s been circulating for years. Nothing new or original here.

Mande Kay Sumner 1 year ago

FWIW. Toddlers can choke on ANYTHING. You just have to watch your children closely. Grapes cut in half for toddlers is perfectly fine. If you’re cutting your grapes and hot dogs and other things and then walking away from your child, you’re still putting them in danger.

Laura Miller 1 year ago


Kimmie Jean 1 year ago

LOL. it just takes ONE man to change the lives of ALL women FOREVER..

Mande Kay Sumner 1 year ago

Now that is genius!!!

Emily Rietzel 1 year ago

And what about those Dum-dum lollipops? My kid choked on one when it came off the stick. And they hand them out at the doctors office?!

Jasdeep Cook 1 year ago

This is just f**king GENIUS!!!!

Emily Rietzel 1 year ago

I cut grapes ever since a friend (and firewoman) told me how her daughter choked on one and she picked her up, and swung her around like a pinwheel and it flung out. You’re not supposed to do that maneuver BUT she’s alive.

Sue Gary VanAntwerp 1 year ago


Katie Janssens 1 year ago

I never cut my kids grapes.

Karen Lang Van Prooyen 1 year ago

Yup, genius.

Kristen Foti Buckley 1 year ago

This is genius but just cutting grapes in half for small children isn’t safe. You might as well just leave them whole since they are still circular and can cause choking just as easily as a whole grape. They should be cut into 4’s to eliminate the circle shape which is what occludes the air way : )

Linda Hampton 1 year ago

Amazing :)

Chicone Fox 1 year ago

Freakin brilliant!!!!!!!!

Leah Blaugrund Sandman 1 year ago

Are there people who DON’T cut grapes for toddler? Sheesh!

Tonya Lezell 1 year ago

Amazing!!! My life is gonna be easy sailing from now on.

Francesca Nilmini 1 year ago

Impressive! ; o

Tom 1 year ago

You’re all morons! He’s only saved about 1 minute of time, to do a sloppy job, and now he’s left with two plates to wash up. “Game changer”… jesus christ.

Tonya 1 year ago

Some of us have used Tupperware lids to do this same thing for a LONG time! Its convenient but he isnt genius level compared to moms all over the world.

Sharon Belliveau 1 year ago


Linda Sceiford 1 year ago

Awesome !

Janice Shores 1 year ago

Learned something new

Patrick Jammal 1 year ago

I used to sit and cut grapes in half for my kids all the time
Didn’t mind doing it but kinda sucked ass

Julie Ricklefsen Poe 1 year ago

Genius !!!!

Cat 1 year ago

Holy crap! This man is changing the world.

Shelly McAda Bailey 1 year ago

Good idea. I use scissors. Lol

Sylvia Rudes Lacopo 1 year ago

Looks easy, but I would have a floor full of grapes!

Asenath Coker 1 year ago

Who would ever have thought…looks easy enough and quick too!!!!

Elsie Cerrone 1 year ago


Lynne Gamsu Strachan 1 year ago

So simple! Duh! Of course! Will definitely adopt this!

Emma Otusajo 1 year ago

Wow what a brilliant idea! Will be doing this!

Nisera Castellano 1 year ago

Awesome. Wish I knew that when my kid was younger. Would have saved me a lot of time.

Denise 1 year ago

I’m feeling kind of stupid, why didn’t I think of that??? LOVE it! Fruit salad will never be a pain again. Thanks! Pin’d it!

Corey Burrell DeLuca 1 year ago

This is genius!

Jaclyn Derych 1 year ago


Eavan O’Brien-Allen 1 year ago

The little things! :)

Diane McPherson 1 year ago

Oh for Heaven’s sake. That’s too neat.

Deb Stahl Adams 1 year ago

Oh my, that looks so easy!!

Hugh 1 year ago

I wanna do her while her husband’s doing grapes and shit.

Laura Herota Watkins 1 year ago

video won’t load…what’s the secret??

Diana Killgore 1 year ago

I’ll have to try this. :)

Karen 1 year ago

Rachael Ray has been demonstrating this for years! Great technique!

Brenda Young 1 year ago


mary 1 year ago

I saw this year’s ago on Rachel Ray. She was cutting cherry toms and used clear lids. Does work.

Barbara Viggiano Caniglia 1 year ago

Wow!! I will def use this tip!

vpvhpya 1 year ago

LOL no, fuck you penis hole cock goblin jiww dripping off nose shit blower

Shannon Smiechowski 1 year ago


Ellen Ratner Richer 1 year ago

Couldn’t open the link…what’s the secret?

Elizabeth 1 year ago

Genious! Nice PSA, thanks :)

Renee Nash 1 year ago

I love this.

Laurie Ley 1 year ago

Oh my god…cut grapes in half all the time,but never like that…great idea.Thankyou

Candice 1 year ago


Marian Sand 1 year ago

Well this I will have to try what a great idea..

Leslie Peyser Black 1 year ago

Wow what a wonderful idea!! Smart man!

Donna John 1 year ago

This is an old trick, also works with cherry tomatoes, black olives anything that is in this shape. Also works better if the bottom dish is inverted.

Carry DeGraff Shirley 1 year ago

Who knew?!? So simple and I’m in awe lol

David 1 year ago

Maybe he could teach you how to take a video the correct way up too?

Barbara Sowonik Thomson 1 year ago

Smart guy!!!

Jenny Luff 1 year ago

Wow!!!! That’s fantastic. X

Darcie Brand 1 year ago

So smart!!

Anna Peril 1 year ago

I would never cut grapes in half or peel apples…. But for those who like to its a great method Courtney Doyle

gail 1 year ago


Kylie Carde 1 year ago

OH. MY. GOD. Amazing.

Donna Abbott 1 year ago

That’s awesome

Kitty Zhao Velic 1 year ago

The man is a bleeping genius!!

Nikki Howard 1 year ago

Flip me ive been doing it wrong for years lol.

Stuart Forman 1 year ago

I’ve been doing this for years!

Cindy 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this. This will save me so much time. Awesome!!!

Jodie Francis Geary 1 year ago

Who cuts grapes in half?

Lisa Plunkett 1 year ago

OMFG – I wish I knew this 5 years ago!

Carola Hedlund 1 year ago

Wow! That was easy!!!

Katrina Brinckmann Homerick 1 year ago

I wish I’d seen this a year or more ago! I just stopped cutting grapes in half for my daughter.

Carol Miele-Vallaro 1 year ago


Melanie Janousch 1 year ago


Harriet 1 year ago

This is a Martha Stewart trick, not a man trick…

Sophie Thompson 1 year ago

Genius!!!!! lol

Ann DeLucia 1 year ago

I love this !!!!

Aja Renee 1 year ago

I’m not inquiring about other things… I specifically asked you about grapes but since you want to be a bitch how about I’m done with you Alicia Teele

Alexis Alb 1 year ago

While this is quick and great for grapes, if you want to keep the innards of grape/cherry tomatoes from oozing out (if tossing in a salad for example), it is best to cut them vertically (through the spot where they were attached to the vine).

Wendy Kuhlman 1 year ago


chyressa 1 year ago

i have tried several times i see nothing….. can someone tell me what it is .. i don’t see it under the title

Elizabeth Fechtman 1 year ago

Omg I never bother but that is so easy!

Jennifer Wilson 1 year ago

Hells yeah! Lol

Jennifer Klingbyll 1 year ago

It never occurred to me that I would want to cut a grape in half

Amber N John Pierce 1 year ago

I used to peel them for my kids now uh huh not after 3

Amber N John Pierce 1 year ago

Ive. Always cut that way

Joanne Della 1 year ago

Awesome idea

Wendy Turton 1 year ago

Why, oh, why, have I not thought of doing this before?

Lisa 1 year ago

Wow. I really didn’t know what to expect, thinking – “really? a special way to cut grapes?” but wow. It makes me want to start practicing my technique. :)

Lucy Cocks 1 year ago

There are some clever men out there then?!

Matt Clark 1 year ago

Well done!!

Kathryn DiPanfilo 1 year ago

Wow, that just made my night!!!!

joni B 1 year ago

I think Rachel Ray did this but I’ve never tried it….. nice

Daniell Distinctive Slidell Brown 1 year ago

Yea except even cut in half grapes are one of the leading causes of choking in toddlers. They should be cut in quarters. Still a time saver. However are you serious about not cutting them at all because your kid will still eat more than a few at a time? Still need to try to cut the chances of your child choking! (No pun intended) lol smh

Heath Werner 1 year ago

Life changer? No. Extra dishes? Yep.

Anne-Marie Soulsburg 1 year ago

Holy crap that’s awesome

Tiffany Ehrlich 1 year ago

Wow. Fruit salad just got so much easier.

Jan Jacobs 1 year ago

Very clever!!!

Megan Gleich-Robertson 1 year ago

Good one.

Deborah F Murray 1 year ago

Rachael Ray has been doing that for years

Julienne 1 year ago

Lol. Same thought I had…

Connie Walker 1 year ago

That’s amazing, smart man! That’s how I’ll be cutting grapes from now on. Also olives, cherry tomatoes. Thanks for sharing!

Cory Svehla 1 year ago

This is brilliant !!!!!!!

Linda Lechner 1 year ago

That and hot dogs do not give my grandchildren them with out cutting them.

Gail Dovic James 1 year ago

Great idea!

Klari Bates 1 year ago

That’s life changing

D. Gail Begley 1 year ago

Wow, that trick might also work for cutting up olives for eggs and olive sandwiches.

Lori Watson 1 year ago

Oh. Duh.

Jos Pena 1 year ago

Omg thank u so much mr. Genius! I’m seriously going to have nails for the summer with this trick!

Allison Crumbaker Browning 1 year ago

This guy must be an engineer.

Karen Yoos VanDerlyn 1 year ago

I work in a restaurant and this is how we cut grape tomatoes. So easy!!

Virginia Brock 1 year ago

Wow! That’s all I can say!!!

Jolene Dinsmore 1 year ago

That one is certainly worth watching!

Gabriel Berlin 1 year ago

So smart. I feel dummmm

Lisa Ann Lugo 1 year ago

One word. Priceless.

Heather Dolan Schmidt 1 year ago


Jody Mays Isaacson 1 year ago

Nuh uh!! Love!

John Pasqueralli 1 year ago

Doesn’t anyone watch Food Network? This trick is an old one. Very old. Smh.

Jody Breckenridge 1 year ago

Wow! I too, wish I’d learned this a long time ago!!! Simply genius!!!!

Christina McPartland Carter 1 year ago

What?! What?!? What?!? Tomorrow’s a new day!

Roger Rangel 1 year ago

Cherry tomatoes work the same

Amy Regner Cloudt 1 year ago

Pure genius

Evelyn Picos 1 year ago

Well then, that is truly genius. ..

Jessica Krattiger 1 year ago

what! im on baby # 4 & never knew this! ! how is that possible!

Heather M Holcombe 1 year ago

This is also how I cut my olives.

Amanda Peranteau 1 year ago


Christina 1 year ago

Mmm actually rachel ray has been doing It that way lol

Tara Barnett Thomman 1 year ago

OMG… Mind blown. This starts here tomorrow. We won’t tell my husband I found this on FB though, we will let him think I’m genius.

Carla Hasse Dean 1 year ago

Just brilliant!

Kylee Rose Wojtkiewicz 1 year ago

Yea tomatoes are cut like this on a lot of cooking shows I watch. Good idea

Katie Devries 1 year ago

Wish I had known this when my kids were little!

Heather Barber Skouby 1 year ago

Whoa! Mind blown!

Alexandra Flowers 1 year ago


Jennifer Allan 1 year ago

Hey that is pretty genius!

Elisa A. Escamilla 1 year ago

I just became a mom 4 months ago….. I thought I was just supposed to get my daily fruit serving with the kid by eating half the grape for her first LOL

Dawn Gallagher O’Haver 1 year ago

Why would you need to cut grapes in half? Lol

Jennifer Sullivan 1 year ago

I just cut them one by one tonight lol

Meghan McKee Sorrel 1 year ago

Awesome–wish I had seen this about 4 years ago

Nicole Fernschuss 1 year ago

Now that’s smart! Too bad mine aren’t little anymore :(

Bonnie DeGolia 1 year ago

How great is that!!

Sue Wilson 1 year ago

That’s wonderful. Hope I can do this. Ha

Michele North Kornbluth 1 year ago

One word…Wow!

Keira Klein Anderson 1 year ago

Oh just shush! 😛

Monica Guevara 1 year ago

Man, seriously? Like a sucker I’ve been cutting then one by one! D’oh! That is brilliant!

Sandy Thornton 1 year ago


Jennifer Ketcham 1 year ago

Holy eff. I can’t believe that!

Janet Fox Kohn 1 year ago

Rachel Ray cuts grape tomatoes on her TV show like this too. Great idea.

Cindy 1 year ago

I had a grape lodge in my esophagus. I am 54 and after I was given a muscle relaxer the docs pronounced it had passed. It had not. After struggling to swallow for three days they did an emergency esophageal scope and poked the grape into my stomach. It was all frightening. I was talking and swallowed the thing whole. Cut every grape and tomato your child eats — and all for adults too !

Danielle Kinahan Christie 1 year ago

Holy crap!

Eli Savet 1 year ago

Genius. This man should have many, many children.

Melissa Smith 1 year ago

Freaking genius! I quarter mine still but when he gets older this is great!!

Rita Dumilion 1 year ago

I seen it done with tomatoes too

Patricia Ann 1 year ago

That’s amazing! Check this out Katie Ann

Lucia Briones 1 year ago

Haha, her husband saw that on an old episode of Rachel Ray (cherry tomatoes)

Elizabeth Beau Mangles Cornett 1 year ago

Freakin amazed!

Lauren Dircks 1 year ago

Mind blown.

Rebecca 1 year ago

Been doing this for years but I don’t recommend using a plate because you can dull your knives. I use two plastic lids. Time saver for sure!!!

Karen Woods 1 year ago

That’s awesome!
Great idea !

Tunde Hagymasi 1 year ago


Roseline Schmidt 1 year ago


Pat Skott 1 year ago

That is so cool! I keep thinking that I should have known that. How did I miss it?

Terese Heggaton Tamminen 1 year ago


Heather Barth 1 year ago

Awesome tip for us that haven’t seen or heard of this before!!

Zioness Dnb 1 year ago

so worth it

Erica Filippone 1 year ago

That rocks!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Steph Egusquiza 1 year ago

love it!!! def will do this from now on

Sue Robison Elliott 1 year ago

Great info…AND you can do it with those little tomatoes !

Ntxuam Bee 1 year ago

Working in a kitchen, we have always cut our grapes, black olives, cherry tomatoes, etc. like that ever since I can remember…didn’t know it was such a secret…

Leah Christensen 1 year ago

Apparently my husband knew this one, too!

Christopher Alan Johnson 1 year ago

Completely forgot about this today when I was slicing Olives.

Jennifer Merkel 1 year ago

My mind is blown.

Christiana Jeanine Isenburg 1 year ago

I was taught this when I worked in the restaurant business we cut our cherry tomatoes this way. Many years ago.

Jennifer Waters 1 year ago

How did I not know this! LOL

Shanona Kutscher Rapp 1 year ago


Brenda Freeman 1 year ago

that’s one sharp knife!!

Amber Eileen Motal 1 year ago

Who HASNT seen this already? Its all over pinterest.

LynnAnn 1 year ago

Love this!

Diana Glaze 1 year ago

So cool! Why didn’t I think of that?!

Louise Pisano 1 year ago

So simple, but Genius Idea! Makes a lot more sense, than cutting each one in half! LOL!

Melissa Bechthold Hoehn 1 year ago

No way…
Never ever would have even come up with that.

Kimberly Caprara 1 year ago

That’s how I cut cherry tomatoes for recipes… so quick and easy!

Julia Duffy 1 year ago

Awesome! I will do this!

Sarah O’Connell 1 year ago

Ah!! Awesome!!

Kimberly Runyan 1 year ago

So easy!

Lydia Sackett 1 year ago

Learned that on Rachel Ray years ago! Great time saver!

Gwen Olson Clark 1 year ago

We aren’t cutting grapes anymore but this is genius!’

Joelle Nielsen 1 year ago

Wow! Wonder if it would work with cherry tomatoes

Julie Warren 1 year ago

don’t know why you need to cut grapes in half, but good idea if you do

Tasha N L Estes 1 year ago

This works on baby tomatoes as well :)

Brooke Kelly Smith 1 year ago

Hmmm nice share!!!

Terie Eaton 1 year ago

So cool…

Frances Larrauri-Mendoza 1 year ago

Wow. Too late for me. All these years cutting one by one. Lol.

Elizabeth Robinson-Navarro 1 year ago

Shut the front door!!! Great idea!

Chanel Marshaye 1 year ago

I thought I was the only mom who halved grapes… seriously

Charlotte T. Casey 1 year ago

Duh. Genius!

Julie Hazel 1 year ago

Perfect for my chicken salad!

Alma Estrada 1 year ago

Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Genius, I say!

Lisa Falls 1 year ago

That’s awesome!!!

Amy Mirsky Guttell 1 year ago

That’s awesome! Total life changer!!!

Nicole Gier 1 year ago


Sarah Jamison 1 year ago


Whitney Dalton 1 year ago

Mind. Blown.

Shirley McGee 1 year ago

That is genius

Lisa Schuh 1 year ago

Pretty sure Rachael Ray is the one that thought of this…used grape tomates though.

Dana Stoner- Moody 1 year ago

Saw this video in another post!!! So smart!

Tramequa Surratt 1 year ago

Daughter 3. Son almost 2. I don’t cut grapes. This is a genius technique though. Kudos smart man

Sandi Browning Graser 1 year ago

Omg. That’s brilliant!

Brook Allen Andrews 1 year ago

Simply amazing! This man is awesome.

Terése Wheeler 1 year ago

Holy shit! Mind blown!

Gail Dawson 1 year ago

Too smart

Denise Hyatt-Bogart 1 year ago

This is great!

Connie Warner 1 year ago
Hyon Jernegan 1 year ago

sorry, i saw this on rachel ray show already! thanks though:)

Luzma Rey de Cockburn 1 year ago

Que buen consejo

Michelle Koch 1 year ago

I’ve never cut a grape in my life!

Shannon Klein 1 year ago

I don’t know what has me feeling more frustrated – that I just learned this trick or that it never even occurred to me that a trick may exist for this task!

Sonya Griggs 1 year ago

How did he do it? Stupid thing won’t load

Dawn Bell-Baer 1 year ago

Genius!! If only I knew this info 2 years ago when I spent numerous minutes cutting them one by one…..

Candy Swindle Rickett 1 year ago


Rose Kell 1 year ago


JeffandJacquie Ball 1 year ago


TammyAnn Lord Baker 1 year ago


Keyona Hameed 1 year ago

Why am I just learning about this?! I was just reborn!

Lisa Herbert Beecroft 1 year ago

Well, color me impressed. Why did I know know this?

Jessica Urban Chitwood 1 year ago

Hmmmm, seems SO simple, but no one else has ever shared this info with me… come!? This is almost life changing material here!! Can’t wait to give it a try!

Nora Stryker 1 year ago

How is it that NO ONE I know has ever done this or shown this to me!!???!!!

Carolyn Brodie Honsinger 1 year ago

Dammit! My kids all just outgrew this stage! So. Much. Time. Wasted. Lol

Isa Puertas 1 year ago

That is a great video!!

Ginny Hotchkiss 1 year ago

I remember the first time someone showed me how to do that with cherry tomatoes. I thought they were a freaking genius!

Erin Manhart 1 year ago

Kristy Bly another great post from our favorite website lol. I was like, “oh geez, duh…” Lol

Melissa Glass 1 year ago

That is brilliant

Valerie Molina 1 year ago


Emily Poole 1 year ago

Are you kidding me?! I just cut grapes in half today! One at a damn time! That’s awesome!

Lisa Marshall Alvarez 1 year ago

I learned this on Pinterest. A lifesaver for sure with 2 toddlers.

Katryn Mawson-Dalmer 1 year ago

Thank you!!!!

Jeanne Marcantel Abundis 1 year ago

Where has this tip been the last year!!

Barb Ann Cawn 1 year ago

What a great, creative, helpful Dad!

Belita Collett Welch 1 year ago


Charlene Lyle 1 year ago

Works with cherry tomatoes too!

Ron Myers 1 year ago


Jena Jaynes Failla 1 year ago

she married a darn genius!

Ashlee Bean Hass 1 year ago

I’m sure someone has said this, but if not, Rachael Ray does this with deli lids (the plastic lids the deli counter uses). Sounds like he was scratching his plates in the video! Using deli lids might be better!

John Mayheu 1 year ago

Works for cherry tomatoes too

Abby Coventry 1 year ago

I do this with cherry tomatos

Brandi Gaston Kern 1 year ago

Wish I knew about this six years ago!

Nicole Brissette Jennings 1 year ago

What a great tip!!

Verna Springs 1 year ago

Wish I would have know that all these years. I’ve cut a lot of grapes into

Charla Hibbard-Henry 1 year ago

I have had a friend who’s 2 year old choked to death on a grape. This is serious.

Lyn Barr 1 year ago


Jessica Josh Marek Pman 1 year ago

That is genius! I never cut my sons grapes. He would cry if I did.

Jason Lauren Christenson 1 year ago


Gail Fisk Bochenek 1 year ago

I love it. Why didn’t I think of this??

Michelle Bush 1 year ago

he sure is a genius! Props to your husband! :)

Jess 1 year ago

Omg. I am dumbfounded. Grapes, blueberries, hotdogs. I have been wasting so much time!

Marla Germain 1 year ago

Wow! Could’ve used that 6+ years ago! Great for salads now though :)

Janet S Cooker 1 year ago

awesome – gonna have to try that!

Mandy Burk Allerton 1 year ago

Life changing! Haha

Rachelle Willgren 1 year ago


Christina ‘Lee’ Gasich 1 year ago

Your husband is a genius! Great tip.

Wanda O’connell 1 year ago


Emily Shurtz 1 year ago

OMG in soo happy right now!!!!! xoxoxo

Erika McDermott 1 year ago

Life hack!!

Terri Mazzucchi 1 year ago


Elizabeth Schultz 1 year ago

I recently learned that from Martha Stewart! She was cutting cherry tomatoes.

Leah Walker-Johnson 1 year ago

That is Genius…I always work harder not smarter! Thanks for the tip.

Sarah A. Clarke 1 year ago


Linda Partyka 1 year ago

Smart guy

Ann Glynn Bass 1 year ago

Love this hint! Wow…what a time saver.

Tiffany Moran Saldana 1 year ago

Why have I not ever thought of this???

Melissa Wilkerson 1 year ago

I was just cutting grapes today.

Cora Cordero 1 year ago

Nice! I can do this when dehydrating grapes

Nikki LaCour 1 year ago

Works with cherry tomatoes too

Harmony Meilahn-Sell 1 year ago

No new surprise here. Racheal Ray has been doing that w cherry tomatoes for yrs.

Rebecca Robertson 1 year ago

Mind blown! Perfect

Linda Zappa Gobel 1 year ago

Grapes and hotdogs are the most common choking hazards for children — that’s why the should be cut — for those of you who aren’t aware. And when you’re cutting, make sure that your dogs don’t get any pieces. A grape or two could kill a small dog.

Rachael Fox Kimbler 1 year ago

Life changed

Bethany Chapman 1 year ago

Thanks! This should save me a finger 😉

Jessica Schumacher Kara 1 year ago

Well thst a great idea!

Mandy Hutchings 1 year ago

Cherry tomatoes too

Gena Lawless Krug 1 year ago


Christina Newman 1 year ago

My brilliant never thought of that

Meredith Montañez 1 year ago

Been doing that for a while with cherry/grape tomatoes.

Lauren M Stanley 1 year ago

This is a common trick in the chef trade but with 2 quart container tops:)

Bonnie Tulenko 1 year ago

Definitely a Rachael Ray trick. She’s been doing it with plastic lids for a long time.

Giovanna Capane Holden 1 year ago

Just in time for me to start cutting them again. Thanks!

Ainsley Cannon 1 year ago

Rachael Ray has been doing that trick with cherry tomatoes for years!

Andrea Anderson 1 year ago

Instead of wasting time cutting grapes in half how about chewing them up & feeding them baby bird style???

Theresa Sponsky Demi 1 year ago

Standing here with mouth open. You know how many lifetimes I have wasted cutting grapes. You need to totally call CNN with this

Kari Smith 1 year ago


Laura Miller 1 year ago

Going to try this when I make my son’s lunch tomorrow!

Chris Lepine 1 year ago


Janice Hardwick 1 year ago

Hahahahaha hahahahahaha I’m dying in laughter over this and so thankful for whoever posted this!

Lydia Quinones 1 year ago

Omgoodness! That is genius!

Karen 1 year ago

OXO Tot has just come out with an awesome plunger that quarters grapes and cherry tomatoes in a split second! Load the plunger, plunge and out comes a beautifully quartered grape!

Deborah Jaffe 1 year ago

OMG Seriously!!!???!!

Nancy Tomoser Lasker 1 year ago

I can’t open the site? What is the way to cut the darn grapes?

Hope Dagenais 1 year ago

Sherri Barnes you’ll have to try this when they start eating more!!

Nina Rinchich Tatum 1 year ago

That is the bomb!

Heather Bee 1 year ago

Well I Never!

Nancy Holstein 1 year ago

Works well for cherry tomatoes, too.

Magdalena Shaw 1 year ago

Esta buenisimo, que facil! Sera?

Gabrielle Harrell Butler 1 year ago

I can’t see it

Suzanne Mackey 1 year ago

Genius is right!!!

Christina Kirkland 1 year ago

OMFG are you serious?!?!?! Why is this not common knowledge?!

Consuelo Robinson 1 year ago

Smh….16yrs of child care experience and 4 children of my own….I’ve never known this…

Emily Sicking 1 year ago

Well well well!

Peggy Naus 1 year ago


Marilyn Peffly 1 year ago

So cool!

Lisa Bodine 1 year ago

my life will never be the same!!! lol

Lemon Lime Adventures 1 year ago

Seriously, How did I not know this? Have you seen the crazy way to separate eggwhites and yolks?

Cathy Mallard Clayton 1 year ago


Angie Naples Lawler 1 year ago

Oh. My. God. I have lost at least an hour of my life to cutting grapes!

Irma Doornink 1 year ago

Works well for cherry tomatoes too. I do them this way for salads

Elaine Kalmar 1 year ago

I just eat them whole.

Robin Monique 1 year ago

Whoa!!! That’s genius

Shaena Lee Fukoffski 1 year ago

Very simple, so simple most people would never think of it. Lol. Ive been doin this for years This is a wonderful time saver to save prep time while working in a restaraunt.

Felicia Winnett 1 year ago

Ah yes, and anything uniform and round…olives, blue berries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, gooseberries, etc…love this trick.

Katrina Piehl 1 year ago

Omg….. genius

Erika Wilson 1 year ago

SHUT UP! *headdesk*

Erin Evans 1 year ago

Why didn’t I think of that?

Alexa Kristine Rush 1 year ago

I can’t see it :(

Jennifer Deane 1 year ago

I’ve been doing this for a while now. Definitely been a life changer! Lol

Chris Leek 1 year ago

What the hell is the point of cutting grapes in half if your toddler insists on putting 13 grape halves in their mouth at the same time? I dont care how many grapes you can cut in half if I have already realized that there is no reason to cut a damn grape in half in the first place.

Tara Altier 1 year ago

SHUT UP!!! That is so easy!!!!

Leigh Ann Luscan 1 year ago

STFU. Are you kidding me?! I just got hours of my life back.

Melissa Cahill Yonych 1 year ago

You have changed my life! Brilliant.

Joanne Coy 1 year ago

Brilliant life changer! Lol.

Kathryn Dickerson Christensen 1 year ago

I saw this on Rachael Ray show the other day. She was cutting cherry tomatoes. Great idea.

Amy Rothenfeld 1 year ago

Works on cherry tomatoes too

Simona Cassatly 1 year ago

Genius! I’ll have to try it

Amanda Mogoi 1 year ago

This just changed my life lol

Kelly Womack 1 year ago

I hope everyone is kidding about cutting grapes into haves and quarters!

Christine Molinski 1 year ago

Genius!! I like it!!

Heather Anne 1 year ago

Two Tupperware lids work well too!

Anita Maxwell 1 year ago

That is amazing!!!! But aren’t you supposed to cut grapes into *quarters*? When they’re halved, they can still form a seal in the airway and cause a child to choke?

Belinda Darnall Vose 1 year ago

What a great idea!

Cathy Landry 1 year ago

So simple, its genius! Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Kahle 1 year ago

Black olives too!!!

Emily White Donahue 1 year ago


Charity Allen Harris 1 year ago

He MUST be an engineer! Lol

Elizabeth Fyfe 1 year ago

Wow easy!!

Lesley Hobbs 1 year ago

Are you kidding me with this? THIS is the kind of information they need to send you home from the hospital with.

Pam Hanson 1 year ago


Judy Miller 1 year ago

I can’t believe people did not know this. I am 57 and my Mom and I have done this for years.

Lauren Hutchins 1 year ago

It’s a sin to have held on to that secret!!!!

Stephanie Nieto 1 year ago

This guy’s just saved mom’s so much time! How did no one ever think of this sooner?

Sasha Frasier 1 year ago

Lol… known this for a while. .. a pampered chef showed me

Amanda Sorena 1 year ago

What? Mind blown.

Sarah Makela McCord 1 year ago

I had a state licensed daycare for 6 years- I cut one grape at a time for 6 years……. OMG!!!!!!

Sarah Fitting-Mcpherson 1 year ago

That is so genius, I could total kiss you!!!

Tiffany Ann Westburg 1 year ago

So awesome!

Nicole Lynn 1 year ago

He makes it look easy! Men are good at stuff like that lol

April Ellington Ledom 1 year ago


Keri Taylor 1 year ago

Holy crap why didn’t I know this already

Carrie Peterson 1 year ago

I still cut grapes for my 5 and 6 year-olds and probably will for years to come. This is genius!

Vanessa Hawley 1 year ago

I put mine through an egg slicer!

Lindsay Murphy 1 year ago
Ashley Alaina Bonner 1 year ago

Omg awesome

Kimberly Brunjes-Sholley 1 year ago

How is it that I never thought of this? I always tried to put the grapes in a line and cut about five at a time. This is genius!

Jennifer Anne Christopher 1 year ago

omg…why didn’t i think of that?? lmao

Brandy Delaney-Walsh 1 year ago

That. Is. Awesome!

Lauren Rubendall VanderBerg 1 year ago

Genius! I would never have thought about that!

Ellen Taubman Mercado 1 year ago

Congrats! He is a genius!!

Raylene Hansen 1 year ago

That is genius!!

Elana L May Stocker 1 year ago


Ashley Brown 1 year ago

OMG so smart

Ayla Ervin 1 year ago

Yup. This is good.

Patty Zickler Creek 1 year ago

now you tell me…

Alison Arnold 1 year ago

Cool but for the kids I cut them lengthwise.

Yvonne Hersha-Krellwitz 1 year ago

Holy cow…amazing.

Jamie Wysel Krug 1 year ago


Amber Bonner 1 year ago

So cool!

Celeste Orgeron 1 year ago

Yeah no. This doesn’t work. Tried it. It only works if they’re all exactly the same size.

Becca Hagenbach 1 year ago

So simple!

Jeannette Fiala Finney 1 year ago

Wow what a great tip!

Alexis Gangi Clemente 1 year ago


Amy Paschal Keister 1 year ago

That is awesome. Now I want some grapes…

Jeannette Messich Loretitsch 1 year ago

Thank you!

Grace Barcoe 1 year ago

thank you!

sarcasmica 1 year ago

now if someone can show her how to record horizontally on her phone – WIN 100%!

Kate Campbell 1 year ago

Love this!

Andrea Viets 1 year ago

Holy. Shit. This is brilliant!!

Alicia Meadows 1 year ago

Mind blown!

Aly Michelle 1 year ago

Seriously the best thing I’ve learned this week. Thank you genius husband man.

Jasmine Marti 1 year ago

He’s got the same dining set as me lol.

Jeanna Johnson-Peterson 1 year ago

No fricking way! Genius!

Jessica Pridemore 1 year ago

That’s brilliant!!

Christi Otten 1 year ago


Sam 1 year ago

Hot dogs?

Lauren Mackin 1 year ago

This guy deserves a medal!!!

Tina Roberson Davis 1 year ago


Kris Kirwan 1 year ago

cherry tomatoes too!

Elaine Powers 1 year ago

About 12 and a half years too late!

Estelle Lauzon 1 year ago

Of all the useless things the Internet teaches us… this one? Genius. Especially with young kids around.

Kat Erpillar Sayell 1 year ago

Life changer!!! Lol

Athena Lynelle Davey 1 year ago

Love it!

Monica Arenson Temple 1 year ago


Dina Fioretti Delafont 1 year ago


Colleen Geraghty 1 year ago

This is awesome!!

Amber Taylor 1 year ago


Samantha Angoletta 1 year ago

YES!! This is so awesome!!!!! Why am I just finding out about this?

Carrie @Bakeaholic Mama 1 year ago

Life changing moment right there. Utterly freaking genius.

Sam Moriarty 1 year ago

I heard “alleluia” in my head when I saw this :) great time saver when my son is screaming for grapes

Kelly Tuschak 1 year ago


Gloria Glynn Rondeau 1 year ago

That’s great! And about 15 years too late.

Alicia Cosman Throop 1 year ago


Tiffany Millsapp 1 year ago

How is this not common knowledge? This could have saved me so much time? Smart man!

Julia Byrne Anthony 1 year ago

Game changer for sure! Thanks for this great tip!!

Heather Ruddock 1 year ago


Mollie Hilferty Kalb 1 year ago

Life changer!!!!!!!!

Nina Smith 1 year ago


Lea Bifano-Vozzella 1 year ago

Genius is right!

Jenni Hyer-Liming 1 year ago

So simple, yet makes me smack my head for not thinking of it!

Krista Gillis 1 year ago

Mind blown

Karmon J Primas-Hailey 1 year ago


Jennifer Harris Particini 1 year ago


Dot Whited McCumsey 1 year ago

Holy chit bat man! I’ve lost a lot of finger tips over the years doing it wrong.

Amber Kovich 1 year ago


Suzanne Zimmer 1 year ago


Jennifer Tosches 1 year ago


Kristine Morrill 1 year ago


Michele Steenson-Sambiase 1 year ago

Genius!!! Love it

Candy Jenkins Pitts 1 year ago

Pure genius!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Love this. Grapes, hotdogs, cherry tomatoes… it works for everything. :)

Britanie Myers 1 year ago

Holy crap! I’ve been wasting so much time cutting individual grapes!

Rachael Plantenga 1 year ago

Simple genius!

Stephanie Doscher 1 year ago

You can do the same thing with grape/cherry tomatoes. It works awesome.