The Cutest Plant You Probably Won't Kill

by Sara Farrell Baker
Originally Published: 

Spring is officially here, and I’ve got the urge to green my house up. The only problem is, with two small children and three pets to take care of, I barely remember to take care of myself. Adding fussy houseplants into the mix will not bode well for the flowers I bring home from an over-ambitious trip to the gardening store.

Enter this cute little succulent terrarium kit. I like to call them suckulents because I suck, and these are the only plants I can keep alive. They don’t need a ton of light, and an occasional spritz of water keeps them plenty hydrated.

This kit comes with everything you need to create a tiny garden in your home, including an actual plant. The finished product looks super-fancy and goes great with an Instagram account. When you’re done, the terrarium can sit flat on a table or shelf, or if you’re like me and have tiny humans and a few cats intent on destruction, it can hang out of reach from the ceiling or a wall hook.

It’s a neat project to do by yourself, or order a few and have some friends over. You can have a fun girls’ night in, and everyone leaves with something to show for it besides just empty bottles and laugh lines.

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