Dad Rigs Up Genius Solution to Kids' Backseat Bickering

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via Facebook

Dad rigs up makeshift barriers to prevent his three kids from brawling in the backseat

Every parent knows that going anywhere with multiple kids in the backseat can often be a recipe for disaster. There’s a reason “I will turn this car around!” is one of parenting’s most enduring catchphrases. That may usually be an emtpy threat, but it just goes to show taht desperate parents will say anything to quell disturbances from their rowdy children.

Or, in the case of one ingenious dad of triplets, do anything.

There isn’t a lot to this story besides one photo posted on Facebook, but, as they so often do, this picture says a thousand words. Many of which I can’t print.

Apparently, Jake White was pretty fed up with the constant bickering, hitting, and general conflict between the three kids jammed into car seats in the back of his car. So much so that he put his mind to work and came up with a pretty basic, but very effective, solution that would make Donald Trump proud.

He threw some walls up in between them.

Those walls aren’t exactly impenetrable, and I’m pretty sure Mr. White had to pay for them out of his own pocket, rather than receive any help from Mexico, but judging by the contented look on his face, and the respect he got from the drive-thru attendant, who called it “genius”, it’s getting the job done just the same.

I only have two kids, and only one of them is verbal, but I’d be lying if I hadn’t occasionally considered taking him to school in a limousine just so I could raise that privacy barrier and get some piece and quiet. (Let’s be honest, the limo minibar would come in handy too.)

Driving around with children can be trying, to say the least. I can only imagine that driving around with three of them, all the same age, all apparently at each other’s throats, constantly jockeying for dominance in the terrifying world of triplets would be a recipe for disaster. Or at least for a migraine and some boarding school brochures.

Kudos to this dad for finding a workable solution to what is clearly an ongoing problem. I’m just wondering how long it will take one of those kids to barter for a rock hammer and dig his way out of there! They won’t need to crawl 500 yards to freedom, but they look like they’re all still in diapers, so it would definitely be shit-smelling.

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