Dad's Darth Vader Prank Doesn't Go Quite As Planned

by Mike Julianelle
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Dad discovers the galaxy is in good hands when he dresses as Darth Vader and his two-year-old doesn’t flinch

I remember how excited I was to show my son “Star Wars”. I couldn’t wait to share all my favorite characters with him, have lightsaber battles in his bedroom, pretend we were Luke and Han, saving the galaxy, just like I did when I was growing up.

Unfortunately, when he finally did see the movies, my plan backfired. My son fell in love with Darth Vader. Somehow, instead of being scared of the legendary scourge of a galaxy far far away, my son worships the dude. And it turns out he’s not the only little kid who’s not afraid of one of Hollywood’s greatest villains.

Self-proclaimed nerd dad Rob Lopez thought he’d have some fun with his two-year-old son on May Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, aka May the Fourth Be With You! After securing permission from his wife to potentially scar their child for life, the Star Wars fan and clearly committed dad donned an impressive Darth Vader costume and woke up his son, in full character.

Things didn’t go quite as planned. Perhaps his overconfidence was his weakness? Check out the video here.

As you can see, two-year-old Sebastian doesn’t back down for a second when the terrifying Sith Lord enters the room and pokes him awake with a lightsaber. No, instead, the little tyke immediately reaches for his own weapon and faces off with Darth Vader himself! Rather than embrace the dark side and rule the galaxy alongside his father, Sebastian sees the good in him, and quickly recruits Darth into retreating to a rocking chair and reading him a story.

Maybe it was the prequels or the cartoons or the thirty years that have elapsed since “Star Wars” first hit the scene, but Darth Vader doesn’t seem to inspire much terror anymore. He certainly doesn’t scare Sebastian. Of course, maybe he knew it was his father and therefore he was safe from harm, although discovering that Darth Vader was his father didn’t seem to reassure Luke very much. (Spoiler Alert!)

Kids are tough these days! But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s far more often that my son sneaks into my room and terrifies me than I’m able to freak him out. I’ve never gone the lengths that Mr. Lopez did, and while his video may not have turned out the way he expected it to, it’s at least comforting to know that the galaxy is in good hands.

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