‘Who Is Nick Jonas?’ Dad Texts Teen In Now-Viral Selfie With The Star

by Valerie Williams
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Her dad had no idea he was sitting next to Nick Jonas

Unless you’re very hip to what the kids are into, you probably wouldn’t know who Nick Jonas was if he were right under your nose, like one dad who had a chance encounter with the pop star on an airplane. Once his teen daughter found out what was going on, she made sure her father secured evidence of the amazing celebrity run-in he (almost) didn’t realize was happening.

Deanna Hall, a freshman at the University of South Florida in Tampa, received this text from her father — and like most young women finding themselves in this situation, promptly lost her shit.

Deanna tweeted the entire (adorable) exchange along with photos, where it quickly went viral. “When your dad sits next to Nick Jonas on an airplane and has no idea who he is,” she writes.

“Who is Nick Jonas,” her clueless dad texts from a plane, while seated next to him in first class. Deanna answers saying, “I love him. He was part of the Jonas Brothers.” The singer was donning a black hoodie, black hat, and sunglasses, so it looks like he was partly trying to go incognito. Dad might’ve heard rumblings from someone on the plane that he was sitting next to a teen idol, or maybe Nick took it upon himself to say hello. Either way, he was somehow clued in.

Once she found out that her dad wasn’t just asking for fun and that he was literally right next to him, Deanna did what any self-respecting teen girl whose father is planted mere inches from Nick Jonas would do — she begged for photos and a selfie.

“SEND PIC,” she texted her dad in all caps because hello, these instructions were crucial. “TAKE A PIC WITH HIM. TELL HIM I LOVE HIM. GET AN AUTOGRAPH.”

Nick, in his apparent infinite patience with fans, was only too happy to comply.

He even sent a solo shot. Swoon.

As parents, some of us might be approaching (or already in the thick of) the phase of our lives where we no longer know what’s “cool.” Hell, I just figured out that the song “Jealous,” which I’ve happily sang along to in the car for months, is by Jonas. Whoops. I guess my cool is slowly fading, though I vowed as a teen that it never would. This is the inevitable way of things as we get older, but hopefully, our kids will help us stay hip like Deanna did with her father.

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