Dad Photoshops Baby In Series Of 'Dangerous' Photos That Will Make Every Mom Scream 'NO!'

by Julie Scagell

Don’t panic. It’s photoshop

There is nothing funnier than a good Photoshop. A Photoshop sequence involving a wee toddler in a series of harrowing positions? Even better. One father decided to do just that, photographing his little girl into “marginally dangerous situations” on his Imgur account and the results are spectacular. His reason for pulling the prank is even more admirable.

Thirty two year old father and designer Stephen from Dublin, Ireland, decided to mess with his wife and friends, because why else do you get married or form friendships if not to eternally screw with them? He Photoshopped his 18 month old daughter, Hannah, into these mildly perilous situations “which are just about believable enough to make people think “wait, did he…?”

He’s got Hannah at the wheel plowing down a highway, walking herself into the attic, sitting perilously close to a butcher block full of steak knives and even perched on a fence. By herself. Over a body of water.

According to Stephen’s Imgur page, “I thought it would be fun to worry family by putting someone delicate in precarious situations,” he says. Unfortunately, his daughter was as delicate as someone could be at the time. “She had a very rare immune disorder called HLH and spent 6 months of her first year in hospital, receiving chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, which is the only possible cure,” HUH Magazine reported. “Of 27 million worldwide donors, 3 were deemed suitable, and an anonymous german lady donated.”

When a few people commented on one of his photos that they have definitely thrown their kids higher (because who doesn’t appreciate a good one-upper), Stephen joked, “This is more of an inside joke. She had just gotten out from a long stint in hospital and was particularly delicate, it freaked out friends and family, but I forgot the entire internet population were unaware. I’ll make it higher ;).”

Stephen is hoping the pictures will raise awareness for bone marrow transplants and may cause others to become donors themselves. ”Now that she’s out of isolation we’re catching up on everything we missed and doing fun stuff like this. It’s great fun,” Stephen commented on Imgur.

What does his wife think of all this? “My wife actually works for the Irish equivalent of CPS so she’s particularly bothered by these,” Stephen joked on Imgur. Maybe so, but with a dad as funny as this, we think Hannah will be laughing well into her teenage years. Then she will think her dad is lame. Sorry Stephen, that’s just how it works.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can become a bone marrow donor, click here for the US, here for the UK, or here for Ireland.