Everyone Loves The Way This Dad Handled His 6-Year-Old's 'Accident'

by Julie Scagell

What we wouldn’t we do for our kids

Most kids have accidents or wet their pants at some point in their lives. It happens to the best of us. But when it’s your kid and they are at school, a parent’s primary concern isn’t the accident itself, but the possible embarrassment your child may experience. Enter one amazing dad who decided if his little girl was going to feel embarrassed, dammit, so was he.

On Friday, six year old Valerie had an accident while she was at school. Ben Sowards’ wife, Connie, told him that she was crying and that she wanted him to pick her up so she could come home. So he did what any dad would do—he came to his little girl’s rescue. But the way he went about it is what is endearing him to thousands.

Lucinda, Valerie’s 17-year-old sister, tweeted pics of her dad on his way to pick Valerie up from school. Yes, folks, he went there. He decided to splash water on himself and roll up at her school in “pee” soaked pants himself, asking if he could borrow Valerie’s backpack to help cover up. Seriously, this is the look of a dad that says, “Have no fear baby girl, I got you.”

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There is really nothing a parent won’t do to protect their child. Most of us have Band-Aided our share of boo-boos and broken hearts over the years. But this dad went above and beyond and we love him for it. It seems the internet agrees.

It seems Sowards has been winning the ‘Dad Of The Year’ award for some time. “I have memories of my dad working all night building a play set when I was little and waking me up in the morning to take me out and push me on the swings. Both of my parents are incredibly selfless, especially when it comes to the happiness of their family,” Lucinda tells Scary Mommy.

Image via Lucinda Sowards

According to Lucinda, Valerie thought the gesture was “hilarious” and that her dad is “very humbled at all the positive responses. He knows a lot of parents out there would do the same thing.”

We don’t care what you say, Ben, we think you have this parenting thing nailed. We should be celebrating parents like you as much as we can. Parenting is hard work but you, Sir, make it look easy.