This Dad's Bedtime Fail Has The Internet Saying, 'At Least He Tried'

This Dad’s Bedtime Fail Has The Internet Saying, ‘At Least He Tried’

Image via Ashlie Williams

He took his partner’s instructions a bit too literally

As parents, we try our hardest. Sometimes, exhaustion or lack of time or one of the frequent brain farts that happen once kids suck out your life force can cause you to do something pretty goofy.

Luckily, those goofy things can also be pretty funny, like what this dad did with his daughter when it was time to put her to bed.

Ashlie Williams shared a photo on Twitter that has parents everywhere cracking up. She asked her partner, Aaron Cade, to put their two-year-old daughter London in bed. The toddler was asleep in her car seat, but Cade complied with Williams’ request.


Yup. He put her in bed. Car seat and all.

Williams writes, “Aaron came in the house with London asleep in her car seat and I told him to “Just put her in the bed.” He did exactly that.”

Although his methods were a tad unorthodox, with their toddler happily snoozing, Williams wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Little London is all snuggled up like a bug in a rug…who also happens to be in a car seat. Hey, when the baby is asleep, you do as you’re told. Besides, she looks pretty comfy and cozy, no harm done.

As hilarious as this photo is, there are replies with pictures just as adorably funny.

And Aaron’s fellow dudes were feeling nothing but pride for their resourceful comrade.

Williams confirmed that it was absolutely intentional on Cade’s part, even though it has all the looks of a parenting fail.

There’s no hard feelings at all, in fact — Williams finds the whole thing hilarious, including all the fun replies from fellow parents. She tells Scary Mommy, “I did not expect the reactions! I’m overwhelmed and so amused!”

As for Cade and London, this little bedtime snafu is no big deal. “They have a very special bond,” Williams tells us.

And this couple has some quiet evening time, no matter how it was earned. Everybody wins.