Video Of Dad’s Last Minute Save Of His Son On A Bike Has The Internet Fighting

by Mike Julianelle
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image via Reddit/GallowBoob

Dad makes a nice save, but that’s not what the internet wants to discuss

Usually, when a video goes around showing a parent making a quick-thinking move to save his or her kid from disaster, the internet is quick with praise.

But as with everything online, there is often a flip-side to that coin, wherein someone finds something they don’t like. A video of a dad teaching his kid to ride a bike is a perfect example.

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The video was posted to Reddit with the title “True Dad Reflexes,” and it shows a dad helping his kid ride a bike without training wheels. Dad is seen helping his son get his balance on the bike before pulling back and letting the kid rip. The boy quickly gets a hang of it, picking up speed and riding down his quiet suburban street as Dad jogs beside him.

The kid has no trouble staying upright, but his steering skills could use some work, as he beelines it for a pick-up truck that’s parked on the side of the road. Dad sees what’s about to happen and turns on the jets to catch up to his son and pull him off the bike just before he crashes into the back of the truck.

Solid dad win, right? The post has over 6000 upvotes on Reddit in less than a day, but the upvotes aren’t the story. The comments are.

People underneath the video are talking less about the dad’s just-in-the-nick-of-time save of his son and more about the fact that the kid isn’t wearing a helmet.

Wow. It’s not every day a Canadian throws shade. Helmet-gate is a thing!

It wasn’t always this way.

Back in the day, as recently as the 80s (please allow me the “recently”), if a kid was wearing a helmet while riding his bike, he was an anomaly.

But times have changed. The comments under this video are proof of that. Which isn’t to say they’re wrong. Kids – and adults – should be wearing helmets. Reddit has a few horror stories illustrating why.

Yikes! Parents and kids should definitely be aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet. At the same time, the kid didn’t get hurt, helmet or not, because his dad was there to save the day. That wont always be the case, and hopefully the near-wreck will convince father and son to get the proper safety gear.

Until then, though, I think this time we can let it slide and give pops props for his reflexes.

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