Dad Convinces Wife The Whole Damn House Has Shaved Their Heads, Hilarity Ensues

by Maria Guido
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Dad “shaves” kid’s head, and his own, for epic prank

What do you do when your wife is hard at work at the hospital and it’s April Fool’s Day? Convince her that the whole damn family has shaved their head, just shy of her son’s picture day, of course. She can handle the stress — she’s a trauma nurse.

Bobby Wesson and his wife Rayena have a marriage filled with laughs. Because of Rayena’s line of work though, Bobby rarely gets to mess with her while she’s on the job — for obvious reasons. “I waited a while to pull the trigger on this prank,” Wesson tells Scary Mommy. “I’d had these pics ready for a month but, like I said, her easy nights are few and far between. Sometimes she doesn’t even get to sit down much less sit down and eat.”

But finally, a calm night in at the hospital arrived, and Bobby was able to send a series of texts that would send his wife into a panic. Because what is a marriage if you can’t screw with each other every once in a while? The couple that laughs together, stays together. Their son’s picture day is coming up, so perfect time for the old, “our son cut his hair” prank. Only this one goes a bit farther than that.

The story is simply captioned, “Sometimes Rayena leaves me alone with the baby.”

When a message begins, “Heeeeey,” you always know something is wrong, don’t you? Bobby saw his opportunity and jumped. “It was probably the only legit lunch break she’s taken in months and I took advantage of it,” he said.

That’s right. Butter her up with the engagement story — then bam! Two-inch shaved part in your kid’s head. “Deacon is our only child and she loves him to death,” Wesson explains. In fact, the family drives 45 minutes away to the only place the boy is comfortable getting his hair cut. And they’d just done that last week.

What is that, doll hair? Wesson understands that the only way to pull off a prank is to really commit.

She’s mad. You can always tell someone’s mad when the indecipherable string of caps text comes through. Also, he’s saying it’s her fault. Just pushing all those buttons. We’re feeling your pain right now Rayena, but your husband is hilarious.

“Photoshop is kind of my thing but it’s really tough to make head shaved look legit,” Wesson tells Scary Mommy. “I tried to get some friends to do it and when they didn’t look good enough. I paid couple of people on Fiverr to give it a shot. No one could get it right so I just started watching tutorials and reading blogs and after a couple of weeks I finally had something I thought would be convincing.”


“She is normally a good speller,” Wesson laughs. “She was so mad she was shaking.”

What could he possibly do to make his child feel better? The prank gets worse.

You know she’s thinking, “OH. GREAT.”

So how did the prank end? Luckily, we know Bobby is alive because he updated his now viral Facebook story with the comment,” Weeeeell dang haha good morning everyone I lived through the night

” — and this photo:

It’s clear this couple has a relationship full of laughs, and that Bobby actually appreciates his wife’s work in the hospital very much. Last year a post he wrote about his wife went viral, after she fell asleep on the couch with her son after a hard night’s work.

Rayena has also had her fair share of laughs at Bobby’s expense. “This wasn’t the first time Rayena’s been pranked,” Wesson explains. “Nor was it mine. I lost a bet that ended with having Rayena’s name tattooed on my butt last year.”

We love this couple.

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