This Dude Expects His Wife To 'Shut The Kids Up' While He Works, LOL

by Cassandra Stone
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A**hole Husband Wants His Wife To 'Shut The Kids Up' While He Works And HELL No
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This husband doesn’t think demanding ‘100% silence’ while working in a house with twin toddlers is wrong — LOL OK

Working from home with small children is anything but easy. For anyone. Especially now, with the added stress of trying to avoid a deadly pandemic on top of it all. And not all employers are accommodating to parents working from home right now, either, which sucks. But you know what also sucks? This dad who wrote into Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’ subreddit to ask if he’s a jerk for demanding “100% silence” from his “stay at home mom” wife and twin toddlers. All-day silence. From toddlers.

It’s quite the eye-bulger and gets more sexist with each sentence. Apparently, in addition to absolutely being an asshole, this dad also somehow managed to time-travel from Don Draper’s den in 1960. It’s a real feat (in the space-time continuum and also being an asshole). He begins the post by explaining how draining it is living with his wife and twin toddlers (this guy’s probably a blast at parties) in a small apartment.

“I need silence to work and I don’t have a home office,” he writes. “It has been slowly pissing me off because I am working hours and I hear noises such as my wife talking, watching tv kids playing from the other room. I have been VERY patient with them telling more than once that I need 100% silence to focus but even if they are trying to be “quiet” I still hear some noises (kids, walking around, making food, cleaning etc.).”

How dare his wife and children make noises while doing perfectly normal things like living, eating, and talking in the home where they live!

“I got fed up with it and told my wife off, I’m the one working in this family and paying for everything,” he complains. “The least they can give me is peace and quiet while I do my job. My wife is a stay at home mom and it’s her job to be silent and shut the kids up.”

It’s. Her. Job. To. Be. Silent. And. Shut. The. Kids. Up.

He whines on, trying to justify his need for total silence from his wife when he’s really just a completely ridiculous person.

“But despite me voicing my feelings she not only has the nerve to disturb my work but also expect me to work more afterwards,” he concludes. “My wife is angry at me and refuses to back down. The worst part? She claimed that I don’t appreciate her. Honestly, AITA?? I work very hard and I feel like I deserve to have my feelings considered.”

His post went viral on Twitter and almost immediately, people were calling him out for his atrocious behavior and completely unreasonable mindset.

Here’s hoping this guy gets the reality check he so desperately needs. Get a pair of noise-canceling headphones, my dude, and call it a day. And if someone out there can make sure his wife gets a week away at a spa somewhere while he tries to keep his toddlers SILENT, that would be great.

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