Dad's Video Nails Why You Shouldn't Tell A Nursing Mom To Cover Up

by Valerie Williams
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Dad’s viral video shows just how stupid it is to expect a baby to eat under a blanket

We’ve talked before about how hard it can be to get a baby to nurse with a blanket over its head, but what about how just plain absurd that concept is to begin with? One dad decided to illustrate exactly how ridiculous that idea is with a hilariously snarky video shutting down breastfeeding shamers everywhere.

Brock Smith is a dad who’s had enough of everyone’s shit when it comes to asking breastfeeding moms to cover up their babies and boobs to avoid being “offensive.” He made a video starring himself, to illustrate how rude it is to suggest a human being should eat under a blanket.

The video was shared on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk and has since garnered more than 140,000 views. Smith told them, “As a dad and a husband…I’ve had enough of this asinine argument. D Lauren Smith and I are starting a movement…Just sayin.”

To that end, Smith took video of himself trying to eat while looking like a ghost from Scooby Doo proving how silly it is to think a child should nurse that way to avoid offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities. He tells the camera, “I wish I didn’t have to eat with a blanket over my head.” And if babies could talk, they’d probably echo that sentiment.

He says, “For people to be ignorant enough to harass a mother trying to have a normal life while breastfeeding a child just infuriates us.” And to that we say, hell yes. Why should a baby have to overheat under a blanket, unable to see anything, all so other people find nursing in public more acceptable?

Because here’s the thing; breastfeeding is nothing to apologize for. A baby who needs to eat in public is nothing to apologize for. A sliver of bare breast exposed for a few seconds is nothing to apologize for. Neither a nursing mother or her child should feel even one second of discomfort for the benefit of someone else. It’s sad this has to be said, but we’ve seen time and again stories of moms being asked to either leave a room or “cover up” while nursing. Clearly, we have a ways to go with people being more accepting of breastfeeding moms.

If a mom wants to cover up for her own reasons, she has every right. But to suggest this is a solution for a mother solely to appease someone else? Please stop that shit right now.

Kudos to this dad for standing up for breastfeeding moms, because judging by the stories we keep seeing, they need all the support they can get.

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