Dad Wears Pokémon Tie His Son Made In 1st Grade To His Graduation

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Image via Twitter

Gotta raise them all!

Years ago, when he was just a little Pokemon-loving boy, a first grader made his dad a very special tie.

Dad must have loved it, because more than a decade later, he busted it out for his son’s high school graduation, and it’s making the internet feel things.

18-year-old Dylan Olivo graduated from high school on Thursday, eleven years after he gave his dad a Pokemon tie for Father’s Day.

The happy graduate tells Buzzfeed, “Since I loved Pokémon at the time (still do), I decided why not have him wear a tie of something that I like?”

Dylan’s dad, Robert, kept it. FOR ELEVEN YEARS. That’s dedication.

Apparently, Dylan even knew his dad might pull the daring fashion move, but that didn’t prevent him from being ecstatic when he followed through.

“I was so excited and full of joy at graduation that it brought my spirits even higher seeing it,” he says.

Dylan isn’t the only person who got emotional. Twitter is full of tears and joy at the father-son pair’s sweet relationship.

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I get it, internet. If, ten years later, my dad busted out some gnarly gift I cobbled together in first grade (mine probably would have featured Boba Fett or Garfield or something), I’d be emotional too.

Let’s hand it to Robert Olivo, who not only must have one heck of a poker face – “Wow, what a beautiful tie, Dylan! I love Pokemon!” – he also plays a heck of a long game. Dude kept that tie for over a decade, and somehow still knew where it was when the time came for his son to graduate.

(To be fair, it’s a pretty decent drawing for a first grader!)

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I can’t even find the things in my house that I actually like. And I’m talking about stuff I bought yesterday.

Kudos to the Olivos, to Dylan for graduation high school – magna cum laude no less! – and to his father, for being so thoughtful. It was truly a special gesture, and Dylan clearly understood its significance.

“He wore the tie to show he had it and to reflect that I am officially a high school graduate and not the child I was when I made the tie,” the new graduate said.

And he made the internet cry like little kids in the process.