Dad's Texts To Daughter Go Viral After He Attempts To Buy Her Pads

by Maria Guido

Have you ever noticed that some men act like feminine hygiene products are explosive devices that will certainly go off if they are handled the wrong way, or even looked at? It’s pretty ridiculous. Not this dad, though. He definitely gets an A for effort.

Tia Savva is a young lady from the UK who sent her dad on a near impossible task: decipher from the hordes of choices of sanitary napkins at the market and bring home the right ones. Thank god for cellphones. This hilarity ensued:

I’m in Tescos, where are they?

They’re by all the deodorants and shampoos.

Ok, found them. Which ones do you want”


Always what??

No, they’re called Always.

Oh seen. What in the fuck!! £3.50??? Now what there’s hundreds of them.

Calm down.

Hundreds of them? Not only is dad a trooper, he knows when hyperbole is called for.

This woman’s looking at me weird, hurry up.

I need the nighttime ones. Should be purple packaging. Scented and with wings please.

Wtf are wings? How will I know if they are scented, will I have to smell them?


It will say so on the packet, chill out.

Ok cause smelling them would have been weird, wouldn’t it. Do you need any creams?

“Will I have to smell them?” Yes. It’s a scratch and sniff box, duh. “Do you need any creams?” This dad is killing me. Yes, she needs the infamous period cream we all use during that time of the month. Creams? What in the actual hell?

What in the fuck? Why would I need creams?

Because I thought you ladies needed creams for after.

Omg. Just pick them up and come home.

Ok. Satan needs a feeding. I’ll bring you choc.

The creams snafu is trumped by the fact that this amazing dad is not only buying pads for his daughter, he’s bringing her chocolate.

Take note, dads everywhere. This right here is #dadgoals.