Dan Levy Has The Best Reaction To Being A 'Jeopardy' Answer

by Madison Vanderberg
Pop TV

Dan Levy has the cutest reaction to being an answer on Jeopardy! even though they pronounced his name wrong

Dan Levy is having a great few years. Not only did he co-create and star in Schitt’s Creek with his father Eugene Levy which took off in popularity throughout the pandemic and went on to win all the Emmy awards, but Levy was recently the answer to a Jeopardy! question. Even though the contestant mispronounced his name (more on that later), you know you’ve “made it” when you’re a Jeopardy! answer.

The great Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passed away last year and since then, there’s been a revolving door of guest hosts. There have been, erm, unexpected guest hosts (like Aaron Rodgers) and there will be great upcoming hosts (like LeVar Burton!), but this this week Anderson Cooper was hosting the show when the Schitt’s Creek category came up.

During the “Supporting TV Characters” category, Anderson Cooper read the $600 clue: “In 2020, this actor was all over the Emmy cast, including accepting his own for the supporting role of David Rose.”

This is true, Schitt’s Creek won every comedy award at the 2020 Emmy’s (nine, in total) and Levy was constantly having to trot over to the podium to accept another award.

During Jeopardy!, contestant Kimberly buzzed in quick to say “Dan Levy” except she pronounced it like “Lee-Vee” and well, you can watch the moment for yourself below.

I will say, kudos to the Jeopardy! social team for the on-par Twitter copy. “Ew, David” is right. What self-respecting Schitt’s Creek fan doesn’t know how to pronounce our boy’s name? But it’s all good Kimberly, sometimes I forget his name is Dan Levy, because in my mind he’s always David Rose and also low-key my best friend, anyway where were we?

Cooper politely corrected her saying, “Dan Levy is correct,” while making sure to emphasis that it’s pronounced “Leh-vee.”

Levy, always so humble, responded to the name-check by writing on Twitter, “Anderson Cooper with that gentle last name correction…also, [mind blown emoji].”

The best part of the whole thing is that on December 31, 2020, Cooper hosted the CNN New Year’s Eve show with friend Andy Cohen. During the show they talked about things they wanted to leave behind in 2020 or throw in the “dumpster fire” of 2020 and one of the things that Cooper wanted to leave behind was “people telling me I need to watch Schitt’s Creek.”


“I mean, I know it’s a great show, I love everybody in it, they’re great actors and everything and I’m gonna watch it, I know, it’s on my list, I just don’t have time. Please stop telling me I need to watch it,” Cooper ranted.

Dan’s father Eugene Levy then tweeted at the CNN host, writing, “Hey @andersoncooper. I’m not one of those people telling you that you need to watch @SchittsCreek but you need to watch Schitt’s Creek.”

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Cooper has seen it now.