28 Super Cute Dance Jokes That'll Have You Twirling With Laughter

by Team Scary Mommy
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Dancing can be extremely challenging, but it can also be a great release — and so can laughter. While you may not be dancing to make friends, these dance jokes are endearing, and a great way to bond with a dance-loving child. Or at least, a way to pass the time on the long drive to dance class.

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1. How many dancer teachers does it take to change a light bulb?

Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

2. What did the ballet dancer say when her shoe was stollen?

This is pointe-less!

3. What do you call dancing by the sink?

Tap dancing.

4. What’s a chip’s favorite dance?

The salsa!

5. Why is it so easy to talk to ballet dancers?

They always get right to the pointe!

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6. What did the dancer feel after a week of non-stop rehearsals?

The agony of de-feet.

7. Why should you never dance with horses?

Because they have two left feet.

8. How do you make a tissue dance?

You put a little boogie in it!

9. How does a dancer multiply a number by itself?

She jazz squares it!

10. What’s an owl’s favorite kind of dance?

The hooooooola!

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11. Why did the dancer cross the road?

Because she had to do the combination on the other side!

12. What is the most exciting pie to dance with?

The merengue.

13. Why did the dancer not debate her dance teacher?

She had a fair pointe.

14 .What’s the mystery writer’s favorite dance?

The twist!

15. What did the male dancer say when his twins were born?

I’m a pas de deux!

16. What kind of dancer is a fuzzy dog?

A contemporHAIRY dancer!

17. What’s the pig’s favorite dance show?

Swine Lake!

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18. What do dance teachers and angry moms have in common?

They both tell you to check your attitude.

19. What’s the cocktail’s favorite tap dance move?

The flap.

20. What’s the dance you do after dirty dancing?

The Roomba.

21. What happened to the lady who was addicted to line dancing?

She joined a two-step program.

22. What did everyone think about the drunk man’s dancing?

It was just staggering!

23. Why was the dancer late?

He was wearing a leotardy!

24. What did the man who couldn’t stop dancing get diagnosed with?

Saturday Night Fever!

25. What bird has the best dance moves?

A twerky!

26. What do you call a dancing sheep?

A baaaah-lerina.

27. Where do soccer players dance?

A soccer ball.

28. What’s the most popular dance at the Coca Cola factory?

The can-can.

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