Literally Everyone Is Creeped Out That Dane Cook, 46, Is Dating A Teenager

by Cassandra Stone
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There’s a 27-year age gap between Dane Cook and his 19-year-old girlfriend

Dane Cook is a comedian who is 46 years old. Kelsi Taylor is a singer-songwriter who is 19 years old. There is a 27-year age gap between the two. Why does this matter? Because they’re dating, and have been since Taylor was 18 years old. And the internet has Feelings™ about it, after Cook recently opened up about their relationship on Instagram.

Cook, a sentient frat house paddle whose career peaked alongside white guys with highlights and puka shell necklaces in the early 2000s, took part in a little Q & A sesh on his Instagram stories the other night. When asked how he met Taylor, he said “We met at a game night I hosted at my place. We were friends for awhile & soon after fell in like with each other and then upgraded to love.”

Two things stand out to me about this. One, who invites teens to an adult game night? Dane Cook, evidently, which is not at all surprising to me personally, but still. When I was 18 I wouldn’t have been caught dead at a game night a guy older than my dad was hosting. Two, she’s only 19 and they were “friends for awhile.” I just…I just don’t understand what someone in their forties has in common, friendship-wise or more, with someone who literally just graduated high school. But that’s just me!

Both Cook and Taylor are pretty open about sharing snapshots from their relationship on Instagram.

In his Instagram story, Cook also said Taylor’s family approves of their relationship. Which, that’s fine? I guess? But that hasn’t stopped literally every single eyebrow on the internet from being raised about their relationship.

When Dane Cook peaked as a comedian, touring college campuses all over the country in the early aughts, he was routinely misogynistic in during his sets — often calling women “dirty whores” and the like on the regular. (What a shock, isn’t it, that a male comedian would be a complete pig on stage? Sigh.)

For Taylor’s sake, here’s hoping he’s gotten a little wiser about things as he’s gotten older. But I (along with the entirety of the internet, apparently) won’t be holding our breath that’s the case.

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