Danny Masterson's Accuser Tearfully Describes Alleged Rape During Testimony

by Erica Gerald Mason
Lucy Nicholson/Getty

A preliminary hearing is ongoing to determine if the “That 70s Show” actor’s case will move forward to trial

A word of caution: the following story will mention alleged sexual abuse. Some readers may find the content upsetting.

One of Danny Masterson’s accusers was visibly emotional during her testimony as she recounted the events of her alleged rape, the AP reports.

A preliminary hearing was held in Los Angeles Superior Court, where the woman testified. Her account revealed that 18 years ago, she was drugged at Masterson’s house and woke up to the actor raping her.

Masterson pled not guilty to the charges of rape against him. The actor was in court Tuesday, and reportedly took notes from time to time during his accuser’s testimony.

In June 2020, Masterson was charged with raping three women in separate incidents occurring between 2001 and 2003. All of the alleged crimes occurred at Masterson’s home, prosecutors say. Masterson pleaded not guilty to all three charges in January.

In court Tuesday, the woman tearfully said that she had only intended to pick up a set of keys from Masterson on April 25, 2003, but decided to join in on drinks with mutual friends, according to the AP report.

She said that about 20 minutes after she drank a vodka mixed drink given to her by Masterson, her vision became “blurry.”

“I couldn’t walk or stand, so he put me on the tile on the ground,” the woman told the court, according to AP. “I couldn’t open my eyelids. I felt really, really sick.”

The woman said Masterson took her upstairs, where she vomited, and then placed her in his shower, where she started to pass out. She tried to fight Masterson off, she said, but was too weak by then.

At that point, Masterson put her on his bed and raped her, the woman said.

She went on to say her memory is only in flashes, but said he pulled her hair and threatened her with a gun after she made attempts to push him off, the AP reports.

In the days after the alleged assault, the woman mentioned that she had injuries on her wrists and throat, as well as pain in her genitalia.

The woman said that she was unsure at first if she should file a police report because of Masterson’s strong connection to the Church of Scientology, informing the judge that her family and friends warned her not to go to the police. The woman went on to claim that the church protected Masterson.

The woman ultimately filed a report in June 2004.

Masterson’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau, disputed the woman’s testimony, pointing out differences with her report back in 2004. She responded that she tried to be accurate in every instance.

The woman is expected to return to the stand on Wednesday; the hearing will last four days.

If you or someone you know has been assaulted sexually, please know there are organizations that can offer you help. Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit rainn.org.