Tips For Your Daughters’ First Period

Here’s The Period Accessory Your Teen Daughter Needs

LariStreule / Twenty20

Getting your first period is like the worst coming-of-age present EVER. You’re a happy girl, and all of a sudden your uterus is like, “Hey! I exist and I’m gonna bleed for several days a month, it hurts, and it will happen monthly for 40 years. Welcome to being a woman!” SO.MUCH.FUN.

We tend to suggest our daughters manage their period the same way we did at their age, usually with pads or tampons. But there’s actually a better way: using a menstrual cup.

So why are menstrual cups so awesome? Check this out.

Bye-Bye, Bathrooms

A menstrual cup, like the ones from Intimina, can stay in for 12 hours — so no more sneaking tampons into the school bathroom. Menstruation is nothing shameful, but the “walk of shame” can be quite stressful, especially during those awkward school years. AND a menstrual cup doesn’t leak if it’s positioned correctly. Your girl can now train through any sport like cheerleading or field hockey, or dance like a beast in her room without freaking out. What’s not to love?

Anatomy 101

To use a cup, you’ve got to get up in there — so you learn a lot more about where everything is and how it works. Bonus: It helps young women get comfortable with their periods.

menstrual cup

Privacy, Please

The Lily Cup Compact collapses into a tiny package the size of a lip balm, so it’s super easy to discreetly keep handy in a backpack or makeup bag without anyone noticing. Intimina’s cup is the world’s first ever collapsible cup which makes it so much easier during school days, trips, and sleepovers.

Better for Your Vag

Menstrual cups are made of 100% medical grade silicone, so there’s no risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) like with tampons. Plus, cups don’t absorb, they collect blood, which means they don’t cause dryness or discomfort. There are no dangling strings, but there is a super-useful removal handle which makes the entire experience so much quicker. Menstrual cups can’t “get lost” in the body, so there are no worries about that. Which, to a young girl, is the best news, ever.

Eco-Warriors Unite

The average woman uses more than 9,000 tampons in her lifetime while one menstrual cup can last between 1 and 10 years.That means your girl can be safe and sound until her early- or mid-20s, but at the same time she can be proud of herself for taking care of the environment. On a big scale, too!

Don’t you wish you’d had the choice to try a menstrual cup in your teen years? Just imagine, no more jackets around your hips to cover up leaks or tucking tampons into your sleeves. What a time to be alive!

This post was created in partnership with Intimina. Lily Cup Compact by Intimina is ideal for teen girls, thanks to its small, portable size. Grab yours at the nearest Target or CVS store or visit Intimina to find out more about their variety of menstrual cups for any woman who has her period.