David Beckham Is Every Parent Staring At A Giant LEGO Instruction Manual

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram

So. Many. Parts.

David Beckham may be wealthy, extremely gorgeous, and a world-famous football (soccer) player, but he’s also a dad. And even wealthy, gorgeous, world-famous athletes have to do things for their kids, like become totally overwhelmed building 4000-piece LEGO castles.

Beckham, husband to Victoria Beckham, the best Spice Girl (come at me), shared a photo on Instagram of his ridiculously perfect-looking self puzzling over the “490 pages” of instructions for building a Disney LEGO castle. The monstrous structure is presumably for his youngest child, Harper, who turned six last month.

He’s excited, but perplexed — and it shows.

The caption reads, “Page 1 of the Disney castle, 4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I’m so excited.”

Been there, as has every parent. My husband and I built an entire fucking train table at 2am on Christmas Eve one year. Though the excitement on our end quickly devolved into misery and dread, I get what he means.

Because this is what we do for our little ones. Surrounded by endless bags of teeny parts, we’re undeterred in the quest to wow our kids. Beckham is likely no stranger to that brand of dadly sacrifice, as he’s father to four children — Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and little Harper. He’s probably assembled enough insanely detailed toys to fill entire living rooms.

Does it make it any easier to build the LEGO Millennium Falcon with your excitable eight-year-old knowing that even celebrities deal with this particular brand of parental difficulty? Maybe a little bit. These things are so much fun, but unquestionably time-consuming and complicated.

But it’s worth it when you see those smiles.

So the next time you’re shook and full of both excitement and confusion because of a thick instruction booklet and piles of small parts, know that you’re not alone. Even Posh Spice’s husband needs a moment to collect himself before being a castle-building hero to his kid.