Dax Shepard Welcomes Parents To 'The Paw Patrol Years' In Hilarious Video

by Cassandra Stone
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Dax Shepard Welcomes Parents To 'The Paw Patrol Years' In Hilarious Video
YouTube/PAW Patrol Official & Friends

Dax Shepard perfectly describes the nightmare of having small children who are addicted to ‘Paw Patrol’

If you’re a parent of toddlers or preschool-age children, then you already know all there is to know about PAW Patrol on Nickelodeon. Chances are, you were indoctrinated to the ever-present theme song that takes up regular space in your brain a long time ago. But for those who are just entering this phase of their child’s life, Dax Shepard is here to amazingly, perfectly, hilariously explain it.

The creative teams behind the PAW Patrol Official & Friends YouTube channel decided Shepard would be well-suited to show fellow parents some of the highs (bust mostly lows) of living with big fans of the show.

“PAW Patrol is a club my kids decided I was in,” Shepard cackles in the video intro.

“What is PAW Patrol? I’m so jealous of you, that you don’t know, and you get to discover it for the first time,” Shepard says of the show. “When the episode ends the fun just begins, as your children invite you to reenact the entire rescue, no matter how jacked your knees are. It’s so fun.”

YouTube/PAW Patrol Official & Friends

Have truer words ever been spoken? My four-year-old sometimes forgets the show exists when left to her own devices (she doesn’t quite have the television lineup thing memorized, because children today have five zillion viewing options at their disposal), but the second that theme song hops on during channel surfing, it’s like every one of her senses tingles and the only thing that can provide relief is to sit and watch as many episodes as Nickelodeon will allow.

“They put out fires, they rescue chickens, and they do other cool stuff,” Shepard describes to future members of PAW Patrol Parents Anonymous. “Are there toys? Great questions. Yes. Endless toys. So many toys that you’ll have every birthday and holiday covered for the next 80 years.”

YouTube/PAW Patrol Official & Friends

In a recent Instagram post, Shepard describes how his two daughters with wife Kristen Bell, Lincoln and Delta, have since graduated from their PAW Patrol obsession. But fear not, it’s still very real for him even now.

“As a parent who endured (and survived) my kids’ Paw Patrol obsession, I’m here to welcome YOU, fellow parents, to the Paw Patrol years,” Shepard wrote. “It’s a club my kids just decided I was in, and I imagine some of your kids have decided the same for you. Heck, maybe you have the theme song stuck in your head RIGHT NOW!!! You can’t escape it, and that’s the horrifying beauty of it. Welcome to the Paw Patrol years, it’s just the best!”

YouTube/PAW Patrol Official & Friends

PAW Patrol to the rescue.

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