An End to Daylight Saving Time

by Scary Mommy
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Dear Mr. President,

I know you may have a few other things on your agenda, and I wouldn’t write unless this was of the utmost importance. This issue needs your immediate attention. Now.

I am writing to implore you to rethink the archaic system of Daylight Saving Time. I realize that it may make sense for the farmers. It may make sense for the scientists needing early sun. It may even make sense for the working professionals wanting a couple hours of sunlight after work. But what about us, the parents? It has been wrecking havoc on my life and I simply will not stand for it.

For the past few nights, my kids haven’t been tired until well past ten. And by well past, I mean close to 11. They want to sleep until eight. Getting them out of the door to school has been hell. I have to literally drag them out of bed and force breakfast down their throats. Teeth brushing? There simply wasn’t time this morning. They go through their days like zombies, falling asleep in the afternoon and somehow catching a second wind after dinner.

It has sucked.

Sure, I love the lazy days of summer. I love the late dinners and trips to the pool after dusk as much as the next person. But at this cost? I’ll gladly give them up. It’s simply not worth it.

As a father, I trust you’ll see things my way and take some action. You need to take some action. Or, just take my kids. They’re super cute most of the time.

I beg you.

Thank you for your consideration,

Scary Mommy

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