Dear Husband, About The Mess...

by Tab Moura
Thanasis Zovoilis / Getty

Dear husband, about the mess…

This morning began early, and you already pointed out the state of the house. So let me tell you about the mess and our day:

The mound of wet blankets by the door

Since the landing is beside the laundry room, that’s just where they had to go. The girls slept together last night, our oldest peed the bed, and the youngest woke up covered in urine along side her sissy. It was such a hysterical experience, we tossed the bedding and just tended to the feelings. It was understandably a very traumatizing way to wake up, covered in someone else’s urine. I would know, since it’s usually our bed (my side).

The sticky table top

So many articles out there are giving us nutrition suggestions these days, “No red dyes! No gluten! Go organic!” Well, that basically leaves us with fruits and veggies. So I gave the girls peaches. Which turned into peach-ageddon. Peach shrapnel everywhere. At some point the oldest was underneath the table, screaming about a very profound injustice surrounding which peach was hers. While I was consoling her, the toddler snuck off trying to feed the core to the baby. It was a little wild. Little Bit is fine, don’t worry.

The bathroom floor

I don’t want to talk about it. Just take my word for it, we did our best— you should have seen the other guy.

The back yard

You may not have noticed this yet, so I’ll just confess it right now: our entire silverware set is somewhere in the back yard. I know it’s dark outside and it’s time for dinner (which is another long story, I’ll get to that in a minute). I had decided to eat finger foods, but then the kitchen happened.

The kitchen

The girls tried to help me with the dishes while I was putting the baby down for a nap, and as you can see, there were a few broken cups today. As for dinner, the girls pulled all the labels off the cans in the pantry, and they shredded the loaf of bread… so there is a pizza on it’s way.

Through all of this, the house was demolished, crumbs in our bed, wet towels smelling up the bathroom, pee-soaked laundry in the entry way, broken glass in the trash can and many mystery meals for the next few weeks… but you know what? There was lots of love today. Girls who enjoy one another enough to share a bed when they have their own, a sissy trying to share with her baby sister, potty training and big feeling fruit identity crisis’… we really rallied and came together today.

So I know you don’t really care for excuses… but please excuse the mess, we were making memories.