If You Worship Carbs, Here's The Jewelry Line For You

If You Worship Carbs, Here’s The Jewelry Line For You

pasta necklaces

Image via Delicacies

Channel your inner Italian with this line of pasta-shaped necklaces

If you lay awake at night dreaming of a heaping plate of pasta (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), this company has the jewelry line for you. The Al Dente collection by Delicacies is every carb lover’s fantasy come to life, featuring necklaces with all your favorite pasta varieties.

But before you cringe at the idea of a higher end version of those pasta necklaces your toddler lovingly bestows on you for every holiday, these aren’t your kid’s glittery, neon creations. They’re delicate pendants, available in your choice of 14K gold or sterling silver, with an understated single piece of pasta in the center. And some of the varieties, like bucatini and orecchiette, are so subtle most people won’t even know you’re wearing pasta at all.

bucatini necklace

Image via Delicacies

If you’re a pasta lover on a budget, stick to the sterling silver necklaces, which run $85.

orecchiette necklace

Image via Delicacies

But if you’re really ready to invest in your love affair with carbs, check out the 14K gold options (starting at $500) or go full pasta diva with the 14K and diamond farfalle necklace for $980.

farfalle necklace with diamonds

Image via Delicacies

Everyone’s favorite, the classic rotini, only comes in sterling silver so it’s the perfect choice for the cheap carb lover who still wants to be a trendsetter.

rotini necklace

Image via Delicacies

Can’t decide which pasta shape to buy? Each necklace features a description of the qualities it represents (who knew that pasta shapes had a deeper meaning?) to help you match the shape with what you need more of in your life. Looking for passion? Try cellentani.

cellentani necklace

Image via Delicacies

Need more creativity? Penne rigate is the one for you. Or maybe just choose the shape you turn to most for your 3 a.m. fridge raid for leftovers. No judgement here.

penne necklace

Image via Delicacies

If the universe has cursed you with the inability to eat pasta — whether because of allergies, a sensitivity or just plain cruelty — and the sight of these gorgeous shapes is too painful for you, Delicacies still has your back. They also offer a wide range of culinary-inspired bracelets, including (yes Lord) a robin’s egg blue leather bracelet with an avocado charm. These beauties are the company’s most inexpensive option (only $60) so even if you’ve frittered away your coin on avocado toast, you can probably still swing one.

avocado bracelet

Image via Delicacies

Don’t like avocados or carbs? You should probably see someone about that. But in the meantime, you can still find a bracelet you’ll love since they come in ingredients ranging from octopus to pineapple, onion to chili pepper. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of proudly proclaiming their love of parsley around their wrist?

pineapple bracelet

Image via Delicacies


But if you’re a true carb fanatic, we know you’ll love the pasta necklaces. The only question left is: Which pasta shape to choose?