Here's A Genius Way To Thank The People Who Enable Us To Shop Without Pants

by Thea Glassman
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Some people are leaving drinks and treats for their delivery drivers when they drop off packages

Want to inject some pure, delightful cheer into your life today? People are leaving drinks, snacks, and sweet notes for their delivery drivers, who are working in overdrive to deliver an enormous influx of packages this holiday season.

First off, a viral Facebook post in 2016 inspired a lot of people to start this thoughtful holiday tradition. Lisa Betts Gwin took to social media to share that she left bottles of water, skittles, and other tasty snacks on her front step for delivery drivers.

“I wanted to do something for the delivery guys that have been doing a great job this Christmas delivery season! (I’ve definitely kept them busy!),” she wrote. “I had input from a few wives of delivery guys…they said their hubbies really appreciate it! If you order a lot online, consider blessing these guys during a super busy work season!”

The gesture went a long way. “Our UPS guy just came by and I could hear him happily laughing before he rang our door bell!” Gwin later wrote. “He was so excited and said he wished he had his camera so he could take a pic.”

People have been following suit and, this year, some delivery drivers will be getting a fun, tasty surprise when they drop off packages. They’ll also get a note of thanks for all their hard work during the holiday season.

This is a super easy gesture that will mean a whole lot PLUS long drives will be made much better with a water supply and some delicious Reese’s Pieces. And there’s going to be plenty of long drives this year. According to The New York Times, the United States Postal Service is expected to deliver a staggering 611 million cards, letters and packages.

Some of the drivers try to bring some extra cheer while they’re on their route. “A lot of our carriers dress up like Santa, wear Santa hats,” Sue Brennan, a spokeswoman for the post office, said. “There is holiday spirit from coast to coast.”

Okay, that’s amazing dedication right there. Santa gets milk and cookies for his trouble, so we should all be damn sure that delivery drivers get plenty of treats as well.

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