Demi Lovato Says They're 'Equally' Masculine & Feminine

by Kristina Johnson
`Emma McIntyre/Getty

Demi Lovato talks identifying as both non-binary and pansexual

Pop star Demi Lovato came out as non-binary back in May, and since then the singer says they’ve been “living my life as loudly as possible without a care in the world.”

Lovato sat for an interview with the TODAY show’s Hoda Kotb, explaining what exactly being non-binary meant to them. It’s about what’s inside, they said, and that doesn’t change based on what they’re wearing that day.

“The way that I explain being nonbinary to people, or gender non conforming, is for me personally — I can’t speak to everyone in their experience — when I came to the realization that I am equally as masculine as I am feminine,” they explained.

“My masculine and feminine energy are equal, so much so that I may be wearing a dress and heels right now, but I don’t identify as just a woman, or just a man, and I identify as both.”

Lovato says they have lots of “grace” and “understanding” for people who misgender them or use the wrong pronouns — the singer says they still do it too, occasionally, joking that they recently referred to themselves as an “aunt” before deciding “aunkle” might be more fitting.

Addressing their sexuality, Lovato says they’re pansexual — and open to a relationship with anyone they connect with, regardless of gender. “I’m attracted to human beings, and it doesn’t matter what you identify as,” they said. “I don’t hold myself back from sharing my love with anyone.”

Kotb shared on the TODAY show that Lovato had told her that they planned to be more selective going forward in what they shared about their private life — sharing only those things that could help other struggling with their own identity.

While Lovato’s journey may be ongoing, it’s clear that opening up about their gender identity and sharing their truth with the world has given them a lot of inner peace. “Because I’ve balance in almost every sense of the word, I feel better,” they said. “I feel like I’m in a great place.”