Demi Lovato Slid Into 'Schitt's Creek' Star Emily Hampshire's DMs

by Madison Vanderberg
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Demi Lovato tried to shoot their shot with Stevie Budd from Schitt’s Creek

In an alternate timeline, Demi Lovato and Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire (aka Stevie Budd) are the world’s coolest couple, but in this actual timeline, Demi and Emily are just good friends who met by way of Demi’s attempt at a DM slide. Let me explain.

Demi had the Schitt’s Creek‘s star on their podcast “4D With Demi Lovato” and the duo admitted that they have become friends recently after Demi asked the actor out.

“You slid in my DMs and you said, ‘Hey, I like you on the show. We should kick it sometime,'” Hampshire recalled on the podcast. “And then you said, below it, ‘And by kick it, I mean go on a date. I find you attractive.’ You made it clear it was a date. And I loved that because sometimes that’s confusing. I’m decades older than you, so ‘kick it,’ I was looking it up.”

First of all, can we talk about Demi’s confidence and crystal-clear communication? Despite this, Emily politely turned down Demi’s advance (awww). Emily, who is 40, says she felt the age gap (Demi is 29) was just too great.

“You also said, ‘Think of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor.’ And then right after you were like, ‘I don’t mean you’re the Holland Taylor!'” Hampshire said with a laugh.”I thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world because I was a Holland Taylor in that situation. Proud to be.”

Emily’s referring to iconic actresses Holland Taylor and Sarah Paul, who have a 32 year age gap between them.

Though Emily lamented that she “wishes” Demi wasn’t 29, she also got real and admitted that it wasn’t just the age gap, but that she wasn’t ready to get into a relationship with anybody.

After calling off her engagement to songwriter Teddy Geiger, Emily was afraid to date again after that relationship took a toll on her self-esteem.

“I went through a difficult breakup and it kind of forced me to really go to therapy and look at myself because I was all about the other person,” Emily shared. “Everything was about me not having any needs and any self worth and now that I’ve finally gotten to, after lots of expensive, expensive therapy, that I love me so much and doing what I want to do, that I’m scared to get into a relationship. I’m worried that I’m just going to give that up.”

Demi took it all in stride, saying essentially that they had to shoot their shot and it was all worth it in the end.

“A non-binary person can dream. And they, she — I was a ‘she’ at the time — she was dreaming big. I was like, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ And I made a really good friend. You’re a dope friend, and I’m happy we became friends,” Demi said with a smile.

Awww, see? Rejection isn’t bad at all! Normalize asking people out with confidence and integrity. We love to see it.

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