RHOA's Porsha Williams Says Her Fiance Blamed Her PPD For His Cheating Ways

by Julie Scagell

Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams open up about his cheating during a therapy session

Fans of the hit show Real Housewives of Atlanta are not buying any of what Dennis McKinley is selling. The former Arizona Cardinal player admitted he cheated on fiancée Porsha Williams because of her postpartum depression.

McKinley and Williams — who split earlier this year amid the scandal but are now engaged again — opened up about his infidelity during a therapy session filmed for the show which aired this past Sunday.

“We had a rough pregnancy, all the way from start to finish,” McKinley told the therapist. “Sex during pregnancy, it’s nothing that a man wants to do.” Oh, dude. Just. No. “And after PJ got here, postpartum was very real. We cried together, like, every night. That’s not a good enough ‘why,’ but that’s the ‘why,’” he continued.

The father of daughter Pilar “PJ” Jhena, now 8 months, continued. “It was a poor decision and it was a selfish decision. I made a mistake, I cheated… I’ve done my best to let Porsha know that I love her and I’m remorseful and apologetic. The priority for me is the baby.”

Calling the behavior a “mistake” didn’t sit well with Williams. “It’s not a mistake. I mean a mistake to me is like, take the wrong exit. You don’t make a mistake and set up with someone and cheat.”

“That’s not where he needs to be in order for me to heal and move forward. He needs to be in a place in my eyes where he’s taking full accountability for his actions, period. No matter how it looks and feels. It insults me when he says ‘mistake,’” the new mom said.

McKinley expressed his newfound commitment for his fiancee, saying, “I want us to be together, and that is not a co-parent situation. I apologize again. I hope [Porsha and I] can get to a place where we start to communicate more and she can give me another chance.”

Every relationship is unique and has its own set of challenges, and it’s easy for others to judge from the outside but I’m here to say if this man can’t manage to support his partner during pregnancy and after childbirth, when she’s at her most vulnerable, he doesn’t deserve her ever. Period.

For her part, Williams seemed ready to begin to heal the relationship, saying, “I am pissed but through all the hurt and the pain, I realize I do want my family. It’s a work in progress. I can’t just, like, start trusting you overnight. It’s not going to work like that. I’m going to try to do it.”

But she admitted if McKinley is persuaded to cheat on her because he can’t handle her during a time she needed him the most, he can move on without her. “At the end of the day, this is a serious situation. If you’re going to live how you want to live because that’s just what your loins want, we can move on with our co-parent life. But if you are really trying to make a commitment over here, that’s what I want to know from your heart. Whether it takes six months, whether it takes a year, I’m going to take my time.”

Since the session aired, the couple has stated publicly they are back together and trying for baby number two.