Teachers Takeover The #DeviousSips TikTok Trend

by Christina Marfice

Teachers are using TikTok to react to the wholesome new #DeviousSips trend, and it’s almost too cute

In case you’ve missed this, there’s a bonkers new TikTok trend that’s been making the rounds. It’s called #DeviousLicks, and it dares kids to steal things from school, with disastrous results like vandalism and property damage. But now, some kids (and their teachers) are fighting back with a much more wholesome challenge. The #DeviousSips trend encourages kids to surprise their teachers with some school supplies and their favorite beverage, and it’s one of the sweetest things we’ve seen so far this school year.

In videos flooding the platform, students show themselves surprising their favorite teachers with coffee and other delicious beverages, as well as needed supplies for their classrooms.

Teachers are also getting in on the trend, posting their own videos to show off the #DeviousSips they receive from their students. Some of them are understandably emotional about the display of love, and it’s really tugging on heartstrings all over TikTok.

The hashtag for the challenge has already racked up 353,000 views, and you just love to see something so wholesome going all the way viral. Kids may be jerks sometimes (like when they were stealing whole-ass toilets from school bathrooms for the #DeviousLicks challenge), but this proves that they’re just as capable of being sweet and kind.

Seriously, if it doesn’t make your day to see teachers share the gifts they’re receiving from their sweet students, do you even have a beating heart?

And lordy, if there is anyone who deserves a trend that comes with a big, heaping side of kindness, it’s teachers. It’s pretty safe to say that the last year-and-a-half has been hell for educators, from pivoting to online learning during the pandemic, to reopening schools amid rising COVID-19 cases, to schools becoming battlegrounds in the culture war over masking and vaccine mandates. Still, through it all, teachers are showing up for their students and doing their best. If buying them some pencils and a latte will make their day, well, it’s honestly the least we can do.

In other words, #DeviousSips is a trend we not only fully support, but that we hope stays cool all the way through the school year. Teachers deserve the pick-me-up, and a trend like this can go a long way in helping kids learn essential skills like kindness and empathy. In the world we live in today, those are two things they can definitely not have enough of.