Showtime Brings Back 'Dexter' For A Final 10 Episodes

‘Dexter’ Is Coming Back So You Can Stop Complaining About That Ending


Dexter is coming back for a final 10 episodes

Dexter, everyone’s favorite show about a serial killer, is back, baby. To jog your memory, Michael C. Hall starred as the titular Dexter, a serial killer who only killed bad people. The Showtime series ran for eight seasons, ending in 2013, and since the series finale didn’t go over so well with fans, Hall and the show’s original creator are back to hopefully make things right.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime gave the green light to a 10-episode Dexter limited series that will apparently pick up where the show left off seven years ago. The fans did not like the original ending of the show, which — spoiler alert — ended with Dexter essentially faking his own death and moving to the middle of the woods to become a lumberjack, presumably putting his murdering days behind him.


The “lumberjack ending” also did not go over well with the show’s original creator Clyde Phillips, who left the series after season 4, and told E! News that if he was still running the show he would have written an ending where Dexter is executed for his crimes and all the “people that Dexter killed” watch him from the gallery. Yikes. Also, Hall revealed in a Reddit AMA that he thinks Dexter will get bored of his “self-imposed exile” in the woods eventually and said, “I imagine he’s got a pretty serious itch he’s aching to scratch.”

Well, the good news for fans is that Hall and Phillips are both back for the revival, so maybe Dexter fans will get the, uhm, gruesome ending the show deserves. Perhaps Dexter is going to ditch the woods and be like, Nah, I wanna start killing again.