Confessional: These Moms Want You To Shut Up About Your Diet Already

by Cassandra Stone
Ana Gonalves/EyeEm/Getty

Hi, hello, there, please don’t take to social media to wax poetic about your diet. Just STFU about it, thanks.

Do you ever sit and scroll through social media and think, “JFC if I have to hear one more word about someone’s damn diet, I’m going to explode?” Yeah, you’re not alone. It turns out plenty of moms in our Confessional feel the same way too. You know why? Because no one wants to hear about it. For a million reasons.

One, hearing about someone else’s diet can be triggering. Eating disorders affect 9% of the population worldwide. People with eating disorders, patterns of disordered eating, or those who are in recovery can be triggered by others who wax poetic about Keto, restricting calories, substituting cauliflower for actual carbs that bring us joy, etc.

I’m tired of my friend. All she cares about is dieting and working out. The world is falling down around us. Just wake the fuck up a little bit.

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My friend won’t shut up about her unhealthy dieting/working out/weight loss. We don’t all need to hear about it every single day and tell you how “great you look!!”

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I can't stand it when people talk about their diet and exercise routines all the time. I don't fucking care! I don't want to hear it ten times a day!

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Two, talking about diets is profoundly boring! Being on a diet or restricting yourself in what you eat, how you eat it, or how you exercise because of what you eat is not a substitute for a personality. And honestly, these moms have HAD. IT. with all your diet talk online.

Every single person whom I have met who talks about the keto diet also talks about their obsessive exercise. I don’t ever wanna hear about it. I don’t ever want to hear about that or clean eating.

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I don’t give a flying fuck what diet a person is on or what her exercise regimen looks like. Fuck off. Having four hours a day dedicated to exercise his privilege.

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I don't want your Plexus. I don't want your magic Keto drink. I don't want your patch.I want to eat oreos and be left the hell alone!

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Additionally, the internet is a toxic breeding ground for diet culture. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with finding a group of like-minded people over a common goal or interest — like exercising, food, etc. — there’s a thin line between consuming helpful or impactful content and engaging in self-harm (even indirectly or subconsciously.) Online diet culture thrives on social media platforms, and it can really play a role in increased anxiety and stress.

I feel about a thousand times better mentally, since I blocked my sister on Facebook. I don't need her constant bikini photos, bragging about her diet, and her treadmill speed records thrown in my face ten times a day.

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My husband can't hold conversations unless it's about the Keto diet or weight lifting. Talks about money, jobs, friends, kids, house or a anything else and you get dead silence or grunts. There's only so much I can take before I want to scream.

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Sometimes it’s the people we’re closest to that need to shut the hell up the most, tbh.

I appreciate SIL's baking skills. But she's on a diet and often tries to substitute lower fat things and wonders why her treats don't come out right. Today she learned that buttercream icing made with fat free milk and margarine tastes like shit.

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MIL is forbidden to go near my daughters. She keeps calling DD8 fat & say DD10 needs to diet. Makes me see red. Her adult daughters have issues with food and their weight but she refuses to admit it's her fault. Fuck that rotting rat bitch.

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Family members are either taking diet pills, throwing up after eating or messing with their insulin to lose weight. But suddenly they know that I need to eat xyz to lose weight. I wish you'd just admit you're ashamed of me and be done with it.

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Diet talk is also a great way to feel out new people and whether or not they can fit into your “STFU ABOUT DIETS” club.

If I meet a woman and she talks endlessly about how much she exercises and her diet? I will not be her friend.

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When all else fails, embrace yourself just the way you are.

I am tired of being fat shamed. I have exercised, dieted, and eaten healthfully for years, and I am still overweight. Leave me the fuck alone! I’m trying as hard as I can.

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