Disney Released Its Iconic Churro Recipe So You Can Experience The Magic At Home

by Christina Marfice
Disney Shares Its Churro Recipe During Quarantine
Disney Parks Blog

Missing Disney parks while they’re closed? Now you can have a little taste of the Happiest Place On Earth without leaving your home

While Disney parks remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, those of us who are parks superfans are definitely missing the Happiest Place On Earth. With no opening date in sight, we have no idea when people might be able to start experiencing that Mouse Magic once again. Luckily for all of us, though, Disney keeps doing little things to make our lockdowns and quarantines a little easier, and this week, their surprise was just for those of us who love the parks: Their iconic and super-secret churro recipe.

You know the Disney parks churros. They’re sold at little stands all over all the parks (sometimes in special flavors, depending on the time of year and which stand you discover). You can find them by following your nose toward the sweet smell of hot, crispy fried dough and cinnamon-sugar coating. Oh man, I’m drooling already.

Churros are an absolutely iconic snack in the parks, especially in recent years when people discovered just how Instagrammable those sweet treats could be. We never would have dreamed Disney would release the recipe for us to make their churros at home, but these are certainly unprecedented times.

And to make things even better, the churro recipe is super simple and uses ingredients you likely already have on hand in the pantry and fridge.

People are already whipping up batches of these sweet treats at home, and sharing them with the hashtag #DisneyChurros. It looks like a simple afternoon baking project, and since, in lockdown, everyone’s baking anyway, why not toss these Churros into the rotation and pretend you’re not in your house, you’re on a Disney vacay.

Seriously, people appear to be having no trouble making these churros, so it seems like a recipe any home cook can handle.

It’s a bummer we can’t enjoy churros at the Disney parks like Mickey Mouse intended. But for now, we’ll take any little bit of joy, especially if it comes bite-sized and coated in cinnamon and sugar.