5 Things You Should Know About Measles Before Canceling Your Disney Trip

by Jennifer Li Shotz
Originally Published: 

1) Read the back of the t-shirt on the guy right in front of you, over and over;

2) Admire the sticky layer of dirt and…is that gunk?…on your children’s hands and faces, and

3) Ask (plead with, demand that) your kids stop. licking. the. railing. now.

If you nodded your head to that description, then you also probably shuddered at news of the recent measles outbreak in the Happiest Place on Earth. Never before have the words “This place is a freakin’ petri dish” rung truer. And alas, it’s actually true—and we need to take it seriously.

Writer Tara Haelle, on Forbes, lays out five assertions about the outbreak we should all read. You’ll have plenty of time for that while you wait your turn for Space Mountain. Read her article here.

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