Disney Pixar's 'Coco' Is Coming To Netflix Next Month, So Get Your Tissues Ready

by Christina Marfice
Image via Disney Pixar

How many times is it socially acceptable to watch Coco in six months?

All that cheering you hear? That is the internet learning the the Disney Pixar gods have given us the greatest start-of-summer gift there ever was: Coco is coming to Netflix next month.

That’s right, just in time for the kids to be out of school, one of the most heartwarming, inclusive, sweet, yet educational films of our generation is hitting our favorite streaming service.

Are you ready to watch Coco multiple times per day with no shame? Because I sure am.

Are you ready to bust out your air guitar and sing along with every word to “Remember Me?” Because I sure am!

Ugh, Coco might just be the most important Disney Pixar movie ever to be made, because not only is it full of the feel-good story and catchy songs we’ve come to expect from all Disney Pixar movies, but it’s a watershed moment for inclusion in animated film. The movie celebrates Hispanic culture in a way it’s never been celebrated in a blockbuster film before. And that’s just another layer of magic added to the magic that Disney always brings to the table.

The only downside to this news is that you’re going to have to get your Coco fix quickly. Disney has already announced that it plans to pull all of its movies from Netflix by the end of 2018, in preparation for launching its own streaming service in early 2019. Unless you’re planning to shill out for yet another streaming service subscription, that means your Coco watching days are numbered.

But still, that gives you roughly six months to get in all the Coco you can handle (unless, of course, you’re already planning to sign up for Disney streaming, because let’s be real, who isn’t?). If we get really conservative and say your kids (and you, obviously) only settle in for a Coco viewing once per day, that’s still 217 times you get to enjoy this masterpiece. Time’s a-wasting, so clear your schedules beginning May 29, when Coco is set to debut on Netflix. Pop some popcorn, Disney fans. It’s Coco time.