Disney Plus Finally Announces Its Pricing -- And Bundles With Hulu And ESPN

by Madison Vanderberg
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Disney Plus announced its new bundle pricing with Hulu and ESPN, and it’s a better deal than Netflix

Back in April, Disney Plus announced that the monthly fee for its forthcoming streaming service would be a cool $7 per month and only $5.83 a month if you paid annually. With only a few months left before the launch of the streaming service, Disney has upped the ante and is offering a bundle package with Hulu and ESPN Plus for the low price of $13 a month.

For comparison, a basic Hulu service that includes commercial breaks is $5.99 per month, HBO Now is $14.99 per month, and the average Netflix plan is $13 month, though you can only stream that plan on two screens simultaneously (it’s $16 a month if you want four screens).

With the new Disney Plus bundle package, all ESPN and Disney content will stream ad-free, though the bundled Hulu option will play with commercial breaks. If you want the ad-free Hulu account, presumably you’d have to buy that a ‘la carte.

So what do you get with Disney Plus?

Disney Plus will stream everything from the Disney libraries (we’re talking Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and just plain old, you know, Disney vault classics like Bambi, Snow White, etc), plus many shows from the Fox catalog (Simpson‘s episodes, for example).

Disney Plus will also be home to brand new streaming-only content too. On the Lucas Film side, there’s the live-action Star Wars series’ The Mandalorian and the Rogue One prequel series. For Marvel content, they’ve already announced four series based around popular Avengers characters (Falcon, Winter Soldier, Loki, Scarlett Witch, Vision, and Hawkeye). There are also several series, remakes, and reboots in the works based on beloved films including Home Alone and High School Musical. Theatrical Disney films like the recent Lion King remake will still play in theaters but will be available to stream on Disney Plus several months after the fact.

Not only does Disney Plus seem like music to our ears, but all the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars content will be wiped from Netflix as soon as the platform launches on November 12, 2019.

However — and this is a big however — when Disney Plus launches, it won’t have all the aforementioned shows. Most of the Marvel series haven’t even been filmed yet. As the Disney Plus library grows over time, that sweet $7 per month fee will likely go up. According to Cnet.com, Disney Chief Financial Officer even referred to the $7-a-month fee as the “initial” price. For comparison, Netflix’s standard streaming plan was $7.99 when it was introduced in 2010 and now the same plan is $13.99.

That being said, if we can watch The Handmaid’s Tale, Monday Night Football, Frozen, and a bunch of Marvel TV shows all on the same platform — that’s one happy and entertained family right there.

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