These Disney Princess Face Masks Will Give Your Face The Royal Treatment

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Amazon

These Disney Princess face masks are proof we deserve nice things

Sheet masks for our faces are one of the easiest, most affordable forms of self-care we can indulge in. And, as lovely as they are, is there anything more lovely than feeling like royalty? Well, behold: Disney Princess face masks.

Well, get ready to get the royal glow-up treatment.

The entire Disney Princess sheet mask line is available on Amazon. Depending on your mood, there’s a princess for you. (Or a villain, if you feel so wickedly inclined.)

Ariel Sheet Mask

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You’re going to want to make this sheet mask “part of your world,” because mermaids are all the rage right now. And Ariel? She’s the OG mermaid, let’s be honest. This luxurious mask is infused with cucumber to cool, hydrate & moisturize skin. Forget snarfblatts and dinglehoppers, you need this mask in your life to keep you in relaxation mode when your tall, dark, dashing prince is acting a fool.

Aurora Sheet Mask

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Don’t sleep on this one, you beauty, you! Is it any surprise that Sleeping Beauty’s mask is infused with lavender, to help calm and relax you? How absolutely perfect. Lord knows we could all stand to catch a few more zzz’s, but since we’re moms and therefore can’t — this mask can help make us look like we did.

Belle Sheet Mask

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I have wanted to be Belle since I was seven years old, and the closest I’ll ever get to fulfilling that fantasy is a.) when I dressed up as her for Halloween that year, and b.) this mask. It’s infused with rosewater (duh, as it should be) which helps calm your skin and help bring out your own rosy glow. Put it on your face and curl up with your favorite book for 20 minutes or so — you’ll feel ready for your close-up in no time.

Jasmine Sheet Mask

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Jasmine is who we all wish we were, or at least the drop-dead gorgeous, sultry, amazingly intelligent woman the world sees us as. To wear her sheet mask is pretty much the height of glamor and luxury, and its green tea infusions will perk up even the most tired Mom Eyes. Tiger companion not included.

Here’s to embracing the fall season with a fresh new face — Disney Princess-approved!

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