Disney Princesses Singing In Their Correct Languages Will Blow Your Kid's Mind

by Valerie Williams
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You won’t believe how gorgeous these Disney princess songs sound when sung in their correct languages.

When we think of Disney princesses, fun and fluff come to mind. Catchy songs your kids can’t stop singing, merchandise of every sort and plot lines you know inside and out. What most viewers of these movies may not realize is that there’s more culture and background to the films than meets the eye. That’s why it’s so interesting to hear these versions of classic Disney princess songs sung in each character’s native language.

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YouTube channel Movie Munchies recently released two videos comparing Disney princesses singing in English and then, the same song in the language of the country their stories are set in. The result is incredibly interesting and for those who don’t realize what parts of the world some of these tales take place in, highly informative. The first video includes songs from Ariel, Mulan, Elsa and Rapunzel.

We know Disney movies need to be in English in order for them to have success in American movie theaters, but it does seem that a lot is lost by glossing over the cultural background of each princess. Personally, I hadn’t made the connection that “Tangled” was set in Germany or that “The Little Mermaid” takes place in Denmark. Knowing that makes me look at these movies and their various settings in a whole new way.

These videos add a fun cultural dimension and learning opportunity for parents and their kids, along with sounding utterly lovely. Elsa singing in her native Norwegian is truly breath-taking, as is Jasmine belting out “A Whole New World” in Arabic.

The original movies had to be relatively mainstream to attract an audience but that means the fascinating cultural aspects of their stories are somewhat lost. Many of these films are based on very old fairy tales set in far-off places, which would probably appeal to most kids even without the added flair of being Disney-fied. Hearing the princesses sing in their native language reminds us that even though the movies are commercialized, the stories told in Disney movies are actually pretty complex.

Of course, Disney isn’t going to start putting out films in the language they’re “supposed” to be in, but these renditions of Disney songs in other languages can be a great jumping off point for a parent who wants to make their child’s favorite princess story a little more educational. They can still have their Elsa, but with the added benefit of knowing she’s from Norway, not Connecticut. And knowing how much little ones connect with Disney movies, this seems like the ideal way to get a little culture into them since they’ll already be interested knowing their favorite characters are involved.

Here’s the second part including songs from Belle, Snow White, Megara, Aurora and Anna. Gather your kiddos and enjoy!

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