Viral TikTok Shows Bonkers Line At Disneyland On 'Reopening' Day

by Madison Vanderberg

Disneyland was chaos on June 15, 2021, with a line that wrapped several city blocks as guests tried to visit on California’s big “reopening” day

If you were planning a summer trip to Disneyland in Southern California, uh, don’t? A TikTok has gone viral that shows a miles-long line to enter Disneyland on June 15, the day that California abandoned its COVID-19 rules and “reopened” the economy.

According to California’s new COVID-19 rules, effective June 15, 2021, Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure have now dropped the mask mandate for vaccinated guests, have finally allowed out-of-state visitors into the park, and apparently, the whole damn world got the memo and headed to the Happiest Place On Earth because the lines to enter Disneyland went on for several city blocks, wrapping through the suburban neighborhoods surrounding the theme park, an unprecedented event never seen in pre-pandemic times.

This TikTok that shows Disneyland lines wrapping multiple city blocks went viral.

Though Disneyland did increase capacity at the park (it was currently operating on 35% capacity), it didn’t fully reopen to 100% pre-pandemic capacity. So yes, this line is — somehow — what NOT full capacity looks like. The biggest June 15 changes that attracted these massive crowds to the park were the end of social distancing on the rides themselves (meaning, rows and seats on rides no longer needed to be empty), the return of out-of-state visitors, and the fact that vaccinated guests could ditch their masks.

However, looking at photos from the gate shows a whole lot of people without masks on, because the park does not ask for proof of vaccination status.

Gonna go out on a limb here and say that lots of unvaccinated folk didn’t wear masks either because California’s mask rules operate on the “honor system,” so to speak.

Apparently, because the giant entry line was not managed by Disneyland and simply wove through the town, there was tons of line-cutting and absolute anarchy.

For reference, this is what Disneyland has looked like for the last few weeks with all the COVID-19 precautions in place.

Near empty rides, social distancing, no lines. Basically, heaven is a theme park.

All Disneyland had to do was say “no more masks” and it turned into this nightmare on June 15.

Imagine what the park is going to look like when the fireworks return next month!?!? It’s a “Yikes” for me, dawg.

Oh, it was also 95 degrees with a heat advisory warning in place, so people were truly out here risking their lives to **checks notes** go to a theme park without a mask on.

Also, it’s unclear why exactly, but according to the OC Register, rides were down all over the park for hours at a time. For example, Toy Story Midway Mania was down for four hours!

Congratulations, y’all broke Disneyland.