Here's How To Create A Candy Slide For A Socially Distanced Halloween

Parents Create DIY ‘Candy Slide’ For Safe Trick-Or-Treating

September 10, 2020 Updated April 6, 2021

Wicked Makers/Youtube

This crafty couple is here to save Halloween from the coronavirus pandemic

We’ve already accepted that the coronavirus pandemic has ruined a lot of things this year: Sports, theater, our TV-watching schedules, vacations, travel for any reason, birthday parties, school, and so much more. Everything has changed. But if the virus thinks we’re going to let it take Halloween from us, it has another thing coming. October is just around the corner, and a couple of DIY-savvy Youtubers just saved spooky season with a how-to video for making an ingenious candy slide.

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The slide allows you to stay six feet away from any trick-or-treaters while still getting candy into their baskets — plus, it looks like a spooky mummy to fit the spirit of the season. There is literally no downside, and there’s still time for everyone to make one of these before Halloween. The video has the full DIY, but we’ve got the highlights, so you can see how simple this truly is.

All it takes to make this slide is a variety of PVC pipe and connectors, and some paint and items to decorate it. Seriously. That’s it.


The couple in the video used a bunch of different sized pipes and connectors to create a base for their slide, which is handy. But TBH, you could prop it up on anything, so this step probably isn’t even necessary. The important thing is to have a 4-inch pipe that’s at least seven feet long, to create the Halloween candy slide itself.


After putting all the pipe pieces together, they spray painted it black to help get those spooky Halloween vibes.


And then they added gauze that they had stained and torn up a little bit, so it looked like spooky mummy wrapping. It is Halloween season, after all. The scarier you can make this thing, the better.


The last step was attaching a skeleton to the end to up the spook factor even more. But that’s totally optional. This project is totally customizable, so you can decorate it however you want to fit your own Halloween vibes.


The end result? A slide that absolutely ups your Halloween decor game, while also giving you a way to give candy to trick-or-treaters who stay a safe six-feet away. And the fact that trick-or-treating can now go on, pandemic or not, has us feeling the true spirit of the season.