Yes, I Called The Doctor For Diaper Rash. Here’s What Happened.

diaper rash

Presented by Dr. Smith’s

One summer, my precious baby’s adorable, chubby bottom went from dimpled and perfect to flaming red and painful. I couldn’t understand it. I was changing her diaper often and bathing her on our normal schedule, so why was her bottom so red?

It was not just a little bit red—this was a serious fire-red that made my heart break when I looked at it. I was literally hiding her from my mother-in-law who would have had a field day if she saw that rash. So I called the doctor.

OK, so I was a bit of a panicked first-time mom, but I’m glad I did it. First, she calmed me down and reassured me that summer is the prime diaper rash time of year and that I was not a terrible mother. She explained that higher temperatures and more fluid intake can mean more moisture making contact with a baby’s skin, which can lead to rashes.

Then my doctor told me I should reach for another doctor—Dr. Smith. If you haven’t met him, you should because he’s the only doctor on the shelf in the drugstore when it comes to diaper rash ointment. Dr. Forrest M. Smith developed Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment back in the 1960s, and it has since been recommended by pediatricians and pharmacists everywhere.

Let me tell you, this stuff works fast. That night, I coated that little red bottom with both the Dr. Smith’s ointment and spray like there was no tomorrow. (A normal mother with no guilt probably would not have felt the need to use both, but I was a wreck.)

The next morning, to my great relief, the fire-red bum was already looking miles better.

What I also learned from my own doctor was that diaper rash prevention works best at every diaper change. Dr. Smith’s ointment creates a moisture barrier that helps keep skin dry and soothed. It goes on like a cream and protects like an ointment. And they now have a touch-free zinc oxide spray.

The best part is that the spray doesn’t even require rubbing (or getting cream stuck in your nails!). Like the traditional ointment, the touch-free zinc oxide Diaper Rash Spray is now part of our daily diaper routine.

So, no judgments if you 1) have a baby with a red bum, or 2) hide your baby’s rash from your mother-in-law, or 3) reach for the Doctor when your baby has a rash. Fine, “3” is probably the most effective technique. So be ready for summer (and those unexpected drop-ins from the in-laws) with Dr. Smith’s diaper rash treatment products, protector of chubby, dimpled adorable baby bums everywhere.