You Can Buy Swim Trunks For Your Dog Now

by Christina Marfice
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Don’t start summer without getting your dog swim trunks — and a matching pair for yourself

Ah, summer. The season of sunny days, barbecue, ice-cold cocktails and pool-side loungin’ is around the corner. Sure, it’s not even spring yet. But the sun has started peeping out from behind those dark, dreary winter clouds and there’s light at the end of the tunnel, OK? Don’t try to take this away from us.

As you gear up for yet another summer season, you have to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy it. Flip-flops, sunglasses and a cute new beach towel? Check. Lots of shorts and tanks to allow for maximum vitamin-D absorbency? Check. Dog swim trunks and a matching pair for yourself? Check, thanks to Amazon.

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The online retailer is well known for surprising us with all kinds of products we didn’t even know we needed, from the quirky to the downright bizarre. But these swim trunks made just for dogs (with optional human-sized pairs in a matching print) are clearly this summer’s must-have product.

The shorts are from Kove, a company that recycles plastic bottles into fabric to make clothes, so less waste makes it to our beaches and oceans. That alone is reason to buy them. But in case you (for some reason) need more convincing, here are the specs: They’re made with quick-dry fabric with four-way stretch. There’s a mesh lining inside that keeps “everything in place for even more comfort and support,” which is not something I knew dogs needed but OK. And the color/print options? They are fashionable as h*ck.

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Obviously they are constructed in a way that allows for a tail hole, and maybe even a full butt opening, because I’m not sure dogs understand that they shouldn’t, you know, go when they’re wearing pants and this seems less messy. I’m not here to pretend I understand the engineering that goes into dog swim trunks. But here’s what I do know: Any pup wearing these will be the most fashionable doggo at the pool all summer long.

The only question you should be asking yourself right now is which color (sage green stripes or cyan) would best complement your best pal’s gorgeous fur coat.

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Obviously, getting swim trunks for your doggo is like, the best thing you can do to make this summer tops. But what if it could get even better? Kove also offers these trunks for humans, so you can match your dog. They’re also available on Amazon, obvi.

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And with that, summer 2019 is complete. But if you want to make it even better, you and your dog will look awesome in your matching swimmers on matching human-and-dog pool floats. And when you get tired from all that swimmin’ and need a rest, put on your matching human-and-dog pajamas for a summer afternoon nap.

Summer may still be months away, but it’s never too soon to start getting ready for the best time of the year. You (and your dog) will be glad when the sun’s out and it’s time to show these babies off at the beach.

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