Dog Who Waits For His Owner At A Train Station Every Day Is The Best Boy

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Twitter/China Daily

Read this, cry, pet your dog, repeat

Something you might often do is facetiously ask your dog, “Who’s the best boy?” It’s your dog, of course, and you tell him that as soon as you ask the question. Little did you know that you’ve been lying to your dog, because the internet has found the best boy.

His name is Xiongxiong. He’s 15, and he lives in China. And every day, Xiongxiong walks with his owner to the train station, where they part until the work day is over. Xiongxiong parks his fluffy lil dog booty down on that dirty train station floor, and he stays there until his owner returns from work so they can walk back home together.

Fam, Xiongxiong does this every. Single. Day.

According to Today, Xiongxiong can be seen every day, hanging out at the Liziba metro station in Chongqing’s Yuzhong district. He happily accepts pets from strangers while he’s waiting for his own human to get home. He’s become a little bit of an internet celebrity in China, prompting strangers to go to the station just to see him. Anything that gets more pets for Xiongxiong, we’re here for it.

“He’s well behaved and never eats anything given to him by others,” a local resident told reporters writing about Xiongxiong’s internet fame. “The dog just stays here and waits for him. It always gets extremely excited when it see its owner return each day.”

Best boy.

Did we mention it’s a 12-hour wait each day until Xiongxiong’s owner comes back?

And that there’s nothing keeping Xiongxiong there — no leash, no command — just an overabundance of love and loyalty in his little doggie heart?

Sometimes I cry watching videos of dogs being Very Good Boys™ in their safe, warm homes. But poor Xiongxiong’s 15-year-old bones on a cold, hard subway floor? It’s too much. He deserves a Tempurpedic mattress and one million treats.

Obviously, Xiongxiong has pretty much the entire internet in tears.

Anyway, sorry about your dog only being the second-best boy. No one can compete with Xiongxiong, I’m sure you understand. Give your pupper all the pets and treats and naps on your couch today anyway, for Xiongxiong.

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