Dog's Human Goes Off To College And He Still Waits For Her School Bus Every Day

by Sarah Hosseini

Carly Dunn has been away at college, but Bo still waits for her to get off the school bus

Bo the dog looks longingly out the window for his beloved friend every afternoon when the school bus pulls up… but she isn’t there. His human goes to college now, but he still waits patiently at the window everyday for her SCHOOL BUS TO ARRIVE.

BRB. Sobbing.

Eighteen-year-old Carly Dunn from Duluth, Georgia has been away at school for a whole semester. She told Buzzfeed it was “so sad” to leave Bo home to go start her freshman year at Georgia State University, because he’s never been good with goodbyes. “Every time I leave the house, he always looks at me so sad and just gives me this face like I’m literally giving him for adoption,” Dunn said.

Earlier this week Dunn’s dad took a picture of Bo staring out the window at the old school bus as it rolled up in front of their home. He texted his daughter and said, “Your old bus just went by. Bo still hopes you are getting off after all this time.”

For the love of GOD Carly go home to Bo! Dunn said it was so sad, “I texted back and I was like, ‘Aww, Bo!” Dunn tweeted out the touching picture which went viral and tore up hearts all over the internet.

Many expressed opinions that Dunn should just drop out of school.

Others are voicing their profound and woeful sorrows over this story.

We swear this story has a happy ending. Dunn is going home for holiday break and will be reunited with her beloved dog and best friend, Bo very soon.