Dogs Are Being Trained To Run Toward Gunfire And Attack School Shooters

by Christina Marfice

A former Navy SEAL is training K-9s to attack school shooters

As Americans are increasingly terrified of being the victims of the next mass shooting and our lawmakers refuse to enact any sort of common sense legislation that would protect kids in schools, a former Navy Seal has a novel “solution” to gun violence: Send in the dogs. Literally.

Former SEAL Joshua Morton has done five tours overseas and is now putting his K-9 handler skills to use in a whole new war zone — America’s schools. “I did not expect to see what I saw overseas, to see it in schools. But, unfortunately, it’s happening,” Morton tells NBC News. “I’ve been trying to find this solution for a very long time.”

Morton is training K-9s to run toward the sound of gunshots, ignore the distraction that is kids fleeing on either side, and take down a gunman in less than a minute. Which sounds good in theory, but there are definitely some logical questions about how well it would actually work.

For one, it’s pretty easy to shoot and kill a dog. For two, dogs can’t open doors, so a gunman in a classroom, gym, cafeteria, or office — anywhere but an open hallway, honestly — would be able to continue their rampage unimpeded by Fido.

Oh, and the biggest problem: Gun violence has already been solved all over the world, and it wasn’t dogs that did it. It was humans who made it harder for people to gain access to military-grade weapons — or any guns at all. The fact that our people won’t act, and the fact that our country has rates of gun-related deaths 25 times higher than any other developed country apparently has no bearing on this. Forget that the rest of the world knows the correct answer to this problem, and it is, indisputably, restricting access to guns. Time to use dogs.

Obviously, people have questions.

There’s this question, which has been asked by a ton of people, especially considering many lawmakers have responded to devastating shootings in schools by suggesting — or even passing — legislation that allows teachers to carry guns on the job.

Apparently a reporter asked this question, and here was the Navy Seal’s answer.

So by the time police arrive, the shooter is done. Except historically, even if that’s true, that’s after 10, 20, or 30 kids have been killed.

The deputy also noted that the dog was able to find and knock down the shooter in 20 seconds. If you listen to the video, the gunman gets off nine shots in that time. That’s potentially nine dead kids. Luckily, in this scenario, the dog had a clear path to the gunman with no closed doors in between. Otherwise, he probably could have shot dozens more times.

Then there are the smaller problems, like the fact that training a dog for every school in the country is mind-blowingly unrealistic at the estimated cost of $125,000 per year.

And, you know, the fact that people could just leave innocent animals out of this and deal with their own self-inflicted problems.

Thanks to the kids and dogs who will now continue to give the ultimate sacrifice in the name of unfettered gun access in America.

Is this really the America we want? Because this is the America we have right now. Demand your lawmakers do better than this, for the safety of kids, and dogs, and all of us.