Duncan Hines Just Released A Line Of Dolly Parton-Themed Baked Goods

by Christina Marfice
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Ever wanted to bake a Dolly Parton-themed cake or cupcakes? This is probably the closest you’re ever going to get

What’s not to love about Dolly Parton? From delivering us the most bonkers Christmas movies of all time to funding a COVID-19 vaccine that’s literally helping to save the world, this Tennesseean country star might be a literal angel from heaven. But if you’ve ever wanted to eat something that’s just as sweet as Dolly herself, you’ve been out of luck — until now. Ms. Parton herself has partnered up with Duncan Hines to create “Dolly Baking Kits,” and they’re going to make you wanna tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, but for baking purposes, not so you can go to your 9-to-5.

Duncan Hines

Duncan Hines released the Dolly Kits this morning, which each included two cake mixes, two frostings, a personal letter and two recipes from Dolly herself, a tea towel, and a spatula. Naturally, since those have been on sale just over one (1) hour, they’re now sold out. But don’t worry! You’ll be able to buy the items in grocery stores soon.

Parton’s baking line includes a banana cake mix, a coconut cake mix, buttercream frosting, and chocolate frosting. We can only imagine the thrill of biting into a coconut cake topped with chocolate frosting, or a banana cake with creamy buttercream. Those just sound like they taste exactly like the type of Southern love that Dolly exudes in everything she does. Excuse me for a moment, my mouth is already watering.

The individual items are scheduled to hit grocery stores in March. Before then, maybe grab some of Parton’s exclusive bakeware, still available from Williams Sonoma? It’s Christmas-themed, but something tells us Dolly wouldn’t mind us all keeping the Christmas spirit alive well into 2022.

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