Donald Trump Booed While Voting For Donald Trump

by Meredith Bland
Image via Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Donald Trump was loudly booed in New York when he went to vote

Today, at his polling site in New York City, Donald Trump went to exercise his right to vote. And the crowd of New Yorkers waiting for him exercised their right to let him know that they disapprove of his choice. In a series of videos posted on Jezebel, we get to see not just multiple angles of the booing, but also booing on Donald’s way in to vote, his walk inside to vote, and his way out after voting.

New Yorkers: when we mock, we mock thoroughly.

Here’s Trump arriving:

Here’s Trump walking in:

Here’s Trump leaving:

And here’s our favorite — Trump walking past the line of people waiting to vote and getting a very special New York City Hello.

Now for those of you who will be offended that people were booing Donald Trump as he took part in the democratic process, we say, please. First of all, we’re pretty sure Trump can handle it. Look at him. He still thinks he’s going to win and gives not two shits about what any of these people have to say. Also, he probably thinks they were saying, “Cooooool” or “Woo hooooooo.” The man’s ego does not permit feelings of shame.

Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Second, no one is telling him not to vote. No one is trying to intimidate him into going home. What you see in these videos is democracy at it’s best — they are examples of our right to say, as American citizens, “You are making a terrible decision but you have every right in the world to do so.” Only it comes out like, “Booooooooo.”

Trump has used his freedom of speech throughout this campaign, and he and his followers have talked a lot about speaking the truth and not being politically correct. Well, if that’s what you believe in, then we give you example A: booing the Republican candidate as he goes to vote. You can’t say that it’s okay to call for a ban on Muslims coming into the country but not to call Trump a loser. That’s not how words work. And more importantly, that’s not how freedom works.

As for those of us who are not supporting Trump, we recommend drawing a bubble bath, dimming the lights, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and putting these videos on a loop. Heaven.

Happy election day!