Trump’s Nonsense Midnight Tweet Brings Out The Best Of Twitter

by Maria Guido

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

Last night at midnight, Donald Trump fired off a tweet filled with typos, as he often does. This time, no one on his team caught it for six hours. And it wasn’t his usual mere spelling error — he inadvertently created a nonsense word that left the world wondering just how we had lived without it for so long.


Covfefe is nothing. Covfefe is everything. Don’t try to lock it down — it will not be tamed.

Seconds went by and everyone was just waiting for the moment that it would be erased. Then minutes went by. Then hours.

The tweet was not deleted until six o’clock this morning, when another tweet went up in its place:

This would be charming if Trump were funny or endearing in any way, but alas — he’s not. So this tweet is basically your funny uncle attempting stand-up; it’s horrific, embarrassing, and nobody is looking. Also, too coherent to actually have been written by him. His staff just threw in multiple question marks to throw us off.

We’re used to Trump typos, they happen all the time. One even showed up on his official inauguration poster. But “covfefe?” That was just too good to ignore. And the internet didn’t. Minutes after the tweet went up, the Twitter account for the news station Fusion began responding, and this hilarity ensued:

It’s a noun. It’s a verb. It’s an adjective. It’s effectively the best thing to come out of this presidency so far, for sure.

Soon, covfefe took on a life of its own.

You really do need just the right amount or you’ll covfefe it up.

You could always make a video of parents pretending summer vacation is covfefe. Just an idea, Jimmy.

I’ll have a grande covfefe with extra whip.

Only Trump could make a typo that traumatizes the dictionary.